Something Wilder

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Something Wilder
Premiere October 1, 1994
Finale June 13, 1995
Creator Lee Kalcheim
Barnet Kellman
Network NBC
Style 30-minute sitcom
Company Kellman Company
Warner Bros. Television
Seasons 1
Episodes 15
Origin USA

Something Wilder is a sitcom that aired on NBC.

A fifty something husband, Gene Bergman, and his thirtysomething wife, Annie, are learning to cope with raising 4-year-old fraternal twin sons, Sam and Gabe. Sensitive, emotional Gene was especially unprepared for the prospect of fatherhood this much later in his life, and couldn't fathom how the generation gap was going to play out with the kids once they grew older. Sensible Annie pulled him through all the obstacles, and in the meantime, the Bergmans were just settling in for the joy of Sam and Gabe's innocent years. Gene ran an advertising agency with his partner, crabby best friend Jack Travis, whose offices were located adjacent to both their homes. Jack, whose kids were grown, was at first unsure about Gene's newfound habit of dropping work frequently throughout the day to play with the twins, but eventually adjusted and sometimes found himself babysitting Sam and Gabe whenever some situation (usually comedic and slapstick) caused Gene and Annie to be away. Also working for the agency was Annie's irresponsible younger brother, Richie Wainwright, who doted on the kids almost as much as Gene.



Actor Character Duration
Main Cast
Gene Wilder Gene Bergman 1
Hillary B. Smith Annie Bergman 1
Ian Bottiglieri Gabe Bergman 1
Carl Michael Lindner Sam Bergman 1
Jake Weber Richie Wainwright 1
Gregory Itzin Jack Travis 1
Raegan Kotz Katy Mooney 1


Season Premiere Finale #
Season One October 1, 1994 June 13, 1995 15


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