Spider-Man (1967)

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Spider-Man (1967)
Spider-Man (1967) opening photo.jpg
Premiere September 9, 1967
Finale June 14, 1970
Based on character created by
Stan Lee and
Steve Ditko
Network/Provider ABC
Style 30-minute animated superhero action
Company Krantz Films (seasons 2-3),
Marvel Enterprises,
Grantray-Lawrence Animation (season 1)
Seasons 3
Episodes 52
Origin USA/Canada

Spider-Man is an animated superhero action program that on ABC. It was the first series based on the Marvel Comics character Spider-Man.

The debut episode follows the character’s origin. College bookworm Peter Parker is observing an experiment of radioactivity when a spider is accidentally exposed to a stream of a transmission. As it falls dying, it bites Peter’s hand. As he gathers his wits, Peter finds his bloodstream has been introduced to the radioactivity fused with the perspective superpower properties of a spider. He wants to enter show business as “the Amazing Spider-Man” and pay back his aunt May and uncle Ben for rearing him after his own parents died. But as he leaves a studio office, a robber passes him. Peter chooses to leave the guy for the police to worry about. Returning home, Peter finds the police there who tell him uncle Ben has been murdered. Donning his Spider-Man costume, he arrives at a warehouse where the killer is hiding. Peter finds him, socks him out cold, and finds the guy is the same thug he let get by him. From then on, Peter learns the idiom “With great power comes great responsibility,” and uses his powers for the common good.

The ensuing episodes have Spider-Man battling villains like Doctor Octopus and the Green Goblin, as well as dealing with J. Jonah Jameson, editor of the Daily Bugle, for whom Peter freelances as a photographer. Jameson sees Spider-Man as a menace, and he sees costumed superheroes as vigilante nutcases. The show had a three-season run on ABC, and the character would be revived by other studios for decades since.



Actor Character Duration
Billed Cast
Paul Soles Peter Parker / Spider-Man * * *
Paul Kligman J. Jonah Jameson * * *
Bernard Cowen Narrator * * *
Supporting/Recurring Cast
Peg Dixon Betty Brant * * *


Season  Premiere Finale #
Season One September 9, 1967 January 20, 1968 20
Season Two September 14, 1968 January 18, 1969 19
Season Three March 22, 1970 June 14, 1970 13


DVD Releases

Title Release Discs
Complete Series  (Region 1)
The '67 Collection June 29, 2004 6
Episode Collections  (Region 1)
Spider-Man vs. Doctor Octopus: The Power of Doctor Octopus August 19, 2008 purchase 1
Episode(s) as Special Features  (Region 1)
The Ultimate Villain Showdown April 30, 2002 1
The Return of the Green Goblin October 29, 2002 1
Daredevil vs. Spider-Man February 11, 2003 1
When Monsters Meet June 10, 2008 purchase 1
The Impossible Man September 30, 2008 purchase 1
Spider-Woman vs. The Fly October 14, 2008 purchase 1
Spider-Man vs. the Vulture February 24, 2009 purchase 1
The Mighty Thor: Enter Hercules March 17, 2009 purchase 1
Episode Collections - Various Series  (Region 1)
Villains Showdown November 4, 2008 purchase 3
Heroes United November 4, 2008 purchase 3
Season Sets  (Region 2)
Season 1, Volume 1 August 17, 2009 purchase 1

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