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Premiere May 17, 1978
Finale March 14, 1979
Creator Tōru Hirayama
Susumu Yoshikawa
Network/Provider Tokyo Channel 12
Style 30-minute action adventure
Company Toei Company Ltd.
Seasons 1
Episodes 41
Origin Japan

Supaidā-Man (1978–1979) is a tokusatsu action series loosely based around the Marvel comics character Spider-Man. When Yamashiro Takuya's father is killed by the Iron Cross Army, his life is saved by the prince of the Spider Planet, who imbues him with super-strength, the ability to stick to walls and spider-sense through a bracelet.

Although the series had nearly nothing to do with the American super-hero, producers originally wanted to keep with the original origin of the character. However, Bandai demanded that they include a giant robot to ride along with a popular trend. This forced Tōru Hirayama and Susumu Yoshikawa to rewrite the character completely. However, this did serve to create the first series to show a superhero piloting a giant robot which ultimately popularized the Super Sentai style of Japanese television and anime.



Actor Character Duration
Main Cast
Shinji Todo Takuya Yamashiro (Spider-Man) 1
Mitsuo Andō Professor Monster 1
Izumi Oyama Niiko Yamashiro 1
Rika Miura Hitomi Sakuma 1
Yukie Kagawa Amazone 1


Season Premiere Finale #
Tokyo Channel 12
Season One May 17, 1978 March 14, 1979 41


DVD Releases

Title Release Date #
Season Sets: Region 2
The Complete Series December 9, 2005 8

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