Split Second

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Split Second
Premiere March 20, 1972
Finale June 27, 1975
Creator Stu Billett, Bob Synes
Network ABC
Style 30-minute game show
Company Stefan Hatos-Monty Hall Productions
Seasons 3
Episodes 5 per week
Origin USA

Split Second was a game show airing on ABC daytime.

It places three contestants as they view three elements on a game board. For example:


Take each of these sports and answer yes or no: does it follow a rigidly set time limit? (Correct answers: Baseball--no; Hockey--yes, three 20-minute periods; Basketball--yes, four 12-minute periods.)

All players may ring in but only the first to ring in may select an element and answer first. The others may select a remaining element and answer in the order in which they rang. All who ring in must take one of the elements and correctly answer based on the question. If all three are correct in round one, they each get $5. If two are correct, they each get $10. If only one is correct, he/she gets $25 (and a bonus prize if he/she is the first to answer correctly alone). The "Brain Buster" is a three-element question not on the board.

Round two is the same, except the answers are worth $10, $25 and $50. The third round is the Countdown Round, which is a handicap. To win the game, the first place contestant must get 3 correct answers. The second place player must get 4 answers, and the third place contestant must get 5 answers. Play continues until one player gets the number of required answers, making that person the winner. The other players keep the money they scored plus any bonus prizes won.

The winner vies for a new car, five of which are shown on stage. He/she selects a car, and if it starts, he/she wins it. If it doesn't, the player returns to play again and the selected car is eliminated from further selection. (If there is one car left and the player wins that game, the car is automatically his/hers).

Split Second returned in 1986 in a Canadian-produced version with Monty Hall himself hosting and this ran in syndication for one season.



Person Role Duration
Main Cast
Tom Kennedy Host 1 2 3
Jack Clark Announcer 1 2 3



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