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Stargate Atlantis/Chuck

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Stargate Atlantis
Actor Chuck Campbell
First Appearance 1x16 The Brotherhood
Last Appearance
Series Billing Series: Recurring
Episode Count 16 (Through 2x20)
Notable Episodes


Basic Information

Much like Walter on Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis has a single technician who is responsible for most of the gate dialing, retracting the shield protecting the gate and external communications. For much of the first season Atlantis did not have someone specific to fill this role and the functions were often performed by wormhole physicist and assistant to Dr. Weir, Dr. Peter Grodin. After Grodin's death Chuck began serving in the control room on a regular basis. Chuck remained unnamed until the episode First Strike, when Dr. Weir finally used his first name. His last name remains unknown. Chuck is a Canadian citizen and wears the maple leaf flag patch on his shoulder.

Episode Appearances

  • Chuck has appeared in 16 episodes to date.
  1. 1x16 The Brotherhood
  2. 1x17 Letters from Pegasus
  3. 1x18 The Gift
  4. 1x19 The Siege (1)
  5. 1x20 The Siege (2)
  6. 2x01 The Siege (3)
  7. 2x05 Condemned
  8. 2x06 Trinity
  9. 2x11 The Hive
  10. 2x13 Critical Mass
  11. 2x14 Grace Under Pressure
  12. 2x15 The Tower
  13. 2x16 The Long Goodbye
  14. 2x17 Coup D'Etat
  15. 2x19 Inferno
  16. 2x20 Allies

Character History

Memorable Moments


  • Chuck Campbell was employed as a stand-in (probably for David Hewlett) on the show before getting this small recurring role and may have appeared on screen as an extra.
  • Chuck appeared in more than 25 episodes credited simply as "Technician", starting in the first season episode The Brotherhood. He was finally given a first name in the third season finale First Strike, although his last name remains unknown and he still appeared in the credits as "Technician".