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Season Two
Stargate Atlantis
Season Premiere July 14, 2005
Season Finale March 10, 2006
Episode Count 20
Notable Episodes 2x01 - The Siege (3)
2x19 - Inferno
2x20 - Allies

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Season Two of Stargate Atlantis premiered on July 15, 2005.


  • Canadian pay channel The Movie Network began airing the second half of Season 2 in November of 2005.
  • Atlantis' theme song and opening credits were reduced to a short clip in the first half of the season (at least in the US). They were restored to full length after the mid-season break.


# # Title Written By Directed By Airdate
21 1 The Siege (3) Martin Gero Martin Wood July 15, 2005
The team is saved with the arrival of Colonel Steven Caldwell, the Daedalus, and the destruction of the two approaching Wraith ships. McKay hopes the Zero Point Module will be the key to their success, meanwhile, Ford seems off after an accident.
22 2 The Intruder Joseph Mallozzi &
Paul Mullie
Peter DeLuise July 22, 2005
Sheppard starts to question things when strange malfunctions begin to occur after the team returns from a trip to Earth. The team discovers that the Daedalus has been infected with a Wraith Virus, causing the ship to go into survival mode.
23 3 Runner Robert C. Cooper Martin Wood July 29, 2005
The search for Lt. Ford leads Sheppard and Teyla to planet P3M-736 where they are captured by Ronon Dex, a man who is on the run, being hunted by the Wraith. The team offers to help Ronon, going up against the Wraith once again.
24 4 Duet Martin Gero Peter DeLuise August 5, 2005
While on Planet Thenora, the team is shocked when McKay and marine officer Laura Cadman are suddenly taken aboard a Wraith Dart. When the team shoots down the Dart, they discover a technical glitch has put Cadman's consciousness in McKay's body.
25 5 Condemned Sean Carley Peter DeLuise August 12, 2005
The team discovers a planet that has cruel punishments for anyone who commits a crime; they are placed near the Stargate to be taken by the Wraith. This proves to be too effective, forcing the society to put innocent folk in jail to please the Wraith.
Teleplay by Carl Binder
26 6 Trinity Damian Kindler Martin Wood August 19, 2005
The team discovers the remains of an experiment the Ancients were working on to create the ultimate power generator and McKay believes he can finish what the Ancients started. Teyla and Ronon discover Ronon is not the last of his kind.
27 7 Instinct Treena Hancock &
Melissa R. Byer
Andy Mikita August 26, 2005
Beckett begins experimenting with a new treatment that could turn the Wraiths into humans. The team finds a young Wraith girl, who could be Beckett's first patient. Having been raised by a human, the girl is eager, and reckless, to try anything.
28 8 Conversion Robert C. Cooper &
Martin Gero
Brad Turner September 9, 2005
After being injected with Beckett's Wraith treatment, Sheppard's life is in danger as he slowly is transforming into an Iratus bug hybrid. The team rushes to find a cure and reverse the side effects, but in the end, it might be up to Sheppard.
Teleplay by Martin Gero
29 9 Aurora Carl Binder &
Brad Wright
Martin Wood September 23, 2005
Atlantis finds an abandoned ancient ship called Aurora on long range scanners. With the purpose of finding some Ancient technology, they visit the ship. After boarding via a virtual environment, they find some surprise passengers.
Teleplay by Carl Binder
30 10 The Lost Boys (1) Martin Gero Brad Turner September 23, 2005
The team is kidnapped by none other than Lt. Aiden Ford who has put together his own team of super soldiers, men who have taken the Wraith enzyme. Ford's team intends to destroy a Hive Ship to prove how amazing and powerful the enzyme is.
31 11 The Hive (2) Carl Binder Martin Wood January 6, 2006
The team is taken hostage by the Wraith after an attempt to destroy the Hive fails. Sheppard soon finds himself in front of the Wraith Queen, who wants answers. McKay returns to Atlantis in the hopes to convince the guards to help rescue the team.
32 12 Epiphany Joe Flanigan &
Brad Wright
Neil Fearnley January 13, 2006
The team discovers a device created by the Ancients that, without warning, pulls Sheppard in. As the team scrambles to release him from the strange place he is stuck in, McKay discovers that time moves differently inside.
Teleplay by Brad Wright
33 13 Critical Mass Brad Wright &
Carl Binder
Andy Mikita January 20, 2006
The team races to foil the Goa'uld's plans to destroy Atlantis after Maj. Gen. Landry informs them that a bomb has been planted, triggered to detonate the next time the team heads to Earth. Meanwhile, two Wraith ships are heading towards Atlantis.
Teleplay by Carl Binder
34 14 Grace Under Pressure Martin Gero Martin Wood January 27, 2006
While testing a newly repaired puddle jumper, McKay and Captain Hugh Griffin suddenly lose control of the ship and crash into the ocean. As the jumper begins to sink slowly towards the bottom of the ocean, Griffin sacrifices himself to save McKay.
35 15 The Tower Joseph Mallozzi &
Paul Mullie
Andy Mikita February 3, 2006
Sheppard and the team discover a world that has technology created by the Ancients. But the planet's royal family does not allow anyone but them to harness the technology and treat the villagers with little dignity.
36 16 The Long Goodbye Damian Kindler Andy Mikita February 10, 2006
The bodies of Dr. Weir and John Sheppard are taken over by two dying people who wish to say a last goodbye to each other.
37 17 Coup D'Etat Martin Gero Martin Wood February 17, 2006
Col. Sheppard's team is urgently summoned to M1K-177, where Maj. Lorne's team has been attacked. When Sheppard and his unit arrive, however, all they find is a burned building containing charred bodies: presumably, Lorne and his men.
38 18 Michael Carl Binder Martin Wood February 24, 2006
Lt. Kenmore wakes up in the infirmary without his memory. He begins to think there is something wrong when his nightmares about being a Wraith seem to be more than real. His fears would be unfounded if not for the serum that turns Wraiths humans.
39 19 Inferno Carl Binder Peter DeLuise March 3, 2006
Sheppard and the team visit the planet Taranis at the invitation of two leading citizens, Dr. Norina Pero and Chancellor Lycus, who want McKay to repair a failing shield generator at an Ancient base, and Ancient warship, they've discovered.
40 20 Allies (1) Martin Gero Andy Mikita March 10, 2006
Kenmore arrives back in Atlantis with a group of Wraith, in the midst of a civil war. Kenmore, hoping to leverage his knowledge of Atlantis against Sheppard and the team, suggests a trade; Beckett's serum, in exchange for keeping Atlantis hidden.

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