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Supernatural/Meg Masters

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Meg Masters
Actor Nicki Lynn Aycox
First Appearance 1x11 - Scarecrow
Last Appearance 1x22 - Devil's Trap
Series Billing Series: Recurring
Episode Count 4


Basic Information

Meg Masters is an occultist who is possessed by a demon. Sam first meets her on the road and it looks as though they will develop a romantic relationship, but this never pans out as they go separate ways. Nevertheless, the two see each other again but Sam soons discovers that she is conjuring demons. After a fight in which Meg is seemingly dead but later returns, Sam and Dean even speculate that she could be possessed by the demon.

Episode Appearances

Character History

Memorable Moments



  • Well, I’ve lied... a lot. I’ve stolen. I’ve lusted. And the other day I met this man – a nice guy, you know? And we had a really good chat...sort of like this. Then I slit his throat and ripped his heart out through his chest. (her eyes turn black) Does that make me a bad person?
  • Sam: I thought I'd never see you again.
    Meg: Well, I'm glad you were wrong.
    (Dean does a fake cough, trying to get attention)
    Meg: Dude, cover your mouth