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Season Two
Tell Me a Story
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Season Premiere December 5, 2019
Season Finale February 6, 2020
Episode Count 10

Season One



Season Two of Tell Me a Story premiered on December 5, 2019.

The stories are based on the three legendary princesses from "Beauty and the Beast," "Sleeping Beauty" and "Cinderella" with the Pruitt family set in Nashville, Tennessee.


# # Title Written By Directed By Available Viewers 18-49 Rating
Beauty and the Beast / Sleeping Beauty / Cinderella
11 1 The Curse Kevin Williamson &
Mary Leah Sutton
Jeff T. Thomas December 5, 2019 447k 0.1%
Rising country music star Ashley Rose Pruitt celebrates the launch of her debut album but a tragic event threatens to derail it all. Under the disapproving eye of his mother, Rebecca Pruitt, troubled musician Jackson Pruitt tries to break old habits when an intriguing stranger enters his life. Meanwhile, Maddie Pruitt attempts to hold her family together amidst a growing disconnect with her fiancée Tucker, a struggling novelist.
12 2 Writer's Block Steve Stringer Solvan "Slick" Naim December 12, 2019 385k 0.1%
Ashley struggles to adjust to her new reality but finds a moment of solace with Beau, who has his own burdens to bear. Maddie starts to second guess her upcoming wedding to Tucker as his distant behavior continues. Simone attends her estranged father’s funeral and learns her stepmother, Veronica, may be more evil than she thought.
13 3 Family Business Sylvia L. Jones Anne Hamilton December 19, 2019 479k 0.1%
An anonymous delivery sends Ashley into a dark tailspin as Rebecca, Beau and the Nashville Police search for answers. Meanwhile, Jackson and Simone's deeply-rooted family troubles bring them closer together. Tucker continues to hold a terrified Olivia hostage while concealing his secret from Maddie.
14 4 Number One Fan Hollie Overton David Grossman December 26, 2019 361k 0.1%
Ashley is inspired to make music again while others begin to notice her blossoming connection with Beau. Simone enlists Jackson's help as she seeks the truth behind her father's trust and Veronica's scheming. Olivia questions Tucker about his motives, ultimately resurfacing painful memories for both of them. Meanwhile, Susie's late night out with Kyle may prove to be more problematic than she thought.
15 5 New Pages Treena Hancock &
Melissa R. Byer
Jeff T. Thomas January 2, 2020 399k 0.1%
Ashley's instincts tell her she's not out of danger yet and Beau takes action to make her feel safe. Simone and Jackson attend an elegant ball to confront Veronica. Meanwhile, Tucker feels his relationship with Maddie is back on track while she has her doubts. Olivia begins to understand her captor.
16 6 Lost and Found Mark Hudis Millicent Shelton January 9, 2020 453k 0.1%
Beau is determined to track down Ashley's assailant after the shootout. Jackson confronts Veronica about Simone's disappearance and gets help from an unlikely ally. Olivia makes her escape with Tucker in pursuit, while Maddie seeks some motherly advice from Rebecca about her fiancé.
17 7 Thorns and All Mary Leah Sutton Jeff T. Thomas January 16, 2020 277k 0.1%
Simone's guilt and fear of her step-family hinder her relationship with Jackson, causing him to spiral. A doctor's appointment yields good news for Ashley and Rebecca, and the Nashville PD continue their investigation. Meanwhile, the tables have turned as Olivia interrogates a captive Tucker, forcing him to reckon with his past and present.
18 8 Sweet Dreams Brian Millikin Kevin Tancharoen January 23, 2020 320k 0.1%
Both heartbroken, Jackson and Maddie find solace and clarity with each other. Ashley is determined to return to the stage, but Rebecca and Beau are worried about potential risks. Simone and Veronica reconcile and make an effort at being a family. Meanwhile, Olivia's scheming continues and Tucker has some troubling dreams.
19 9 Favorite Son Hollie Overton Jeff T. Thomas January 30, 2020 348k 0.1%
Ashley faces mounting pressure to cancel her upcoming concert after Beau is targeted in a hit-and-run accident. Jackson takes a step forward in getting sober and making amends with Rebecca. The Nashville police question Veronica about Clay Calloway's death while Simone and Maddie separately search for answers.
Teleplay by Treena Hancock & Melissa R. Byer
20 10 Ever After Mark Hudis &
Michael Peterson
Jeff T. Thomas February 6, 2020 288k 0.05%
Tucker and Maddie frantically try to escape Olivia's clutches, resorting to desperate measures. Simone grows more suspicious of her step-brother but doesn't want to further involve Jackson. Ashley, Rebecca, and Beau, back on the Force, prepare for her comeback concert, while a vindictive Taylor sets her final plan in motion.

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