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The Rabbit Who Ate Las Vegas
Season 1, Episode 7
Airdate March 1, 1983
Production Number 1103
Written by Frank Lupo
Directed by Bruce Kessler
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The A-TeamSeason One
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The Rabbit Who Ate Las Vegas is the seventh episode of the first season of The A-Team.

Starring: George Peppard (John Smith), Dirk Benedict (Templeton Peck), Melinda Culea (Amy Allen), Dwight Schultz (H.M. Murdock)

and Mr. T (Bosco "B.A." Baracus)

Guest Stars: Richard Romanus (Jackie Martell), Terry McGovern (Professor Bruce Warfel), Luke Andreas (Jilly), Kitty Moffat (Darlene), Floyd Levine (Carmine)

and Charles Cioffi (Gianni Christian)

Co-Starring: Michelle Avonne (Sue Beth), Richard Reicheg (Mr. DeSapio), Tracy Scoggins (Elly Payne), Christopher Thomas (Hotel Desk Clerk), Michael Laurence ()

Featuring: Alma Beltran (Maid), James Dybas (Doorman), Timothy Prager (Florist Messenger)


Plot Overview

Two College Women hire The A-Team to find their missing College Professor.The Professor had left about a week earlier to have a good time in Las Vegas.He wrote letters to the two women,and sent them a photgraph of a young woman that he was having a good time with.Suddenly the writing stopped,and the two woman became concerned.Not knowing where to turn,the women contacted the A-Team(Via Mr.Lee in the Laundry Store).He instructed them to go a Bus Stop,and wait for further instructions.They meet the A-Team,and explain the situation.Giving the letters,and the photograph of the Woman with the Professor,the A-Team figures the Professor is being held against his will,and takes the job.With added information,the A-Team goes to Las Vegas to set-up a sting that they know would attract the people responsible for the Professors abduction.Hannibal,B.A.,and Murdock will pretend to be FBI Agents,and then Bigtime Gamblers making a spectacle in the Owners Casino,and Hotel.The ploy works.Hannible is takened at gunpoint to the Hotel,and Casino Owner Gianni Christian.With Christian is his righthand Man Martel.From items found in Hannibles Hotel Room,Christian figures Hannible to be an FBI Agent,but not an ordinary Agent.He explains to Christian his purpose in coming to Las Vegas.To take the Professor with him.He tell Christian that he found out about a System that The Professor is an expert on.In exchange for his life(a bluff of course)Hannibal tells Christian that he is willing to leave Vegas with The Professor.If not,Hannibal demonstrates what would happen to Christian.He had arranged to have Face fire a bullet from Telescopic Rifle through Christians window from another Room in the Hotel.Though it was a bluff,Christian gives in.He has Professor Warfel brought down to the Casino Lobby to where Hannibal,and Murdock are awaiting,and gambling.Having delivered the Professor,they soon depart in B.A.'s Van.No sooner had they departed then a noise from an upper Hotel Window breaks.A body comes falling down into the Hotels Fountain.The body is that of Gianni Christian.While the A-Team,and Professor Warfel are driving a news report about Gianni Christian's murder is heard.The A-Team is soon pursued by a Patrol Car.They escape the PATROL car,but is pursued by other Patrol Cars.They escape these also.The A-Team takes refuge in a Motel.They are still in Las Vegas.They learn from the News that the Mob has put out a large reward on their heads.The police had already determined that The A-Team pretending to be FBI Agents are fake.This information would soon stread to other Law-Enforcement Agencies,and the Military.With Law-Enforcement,The Military,The Mob,and the reward offered to anybody looking to make a big score,plus the State being sealed tight,The A-Team is in quite a dilemma.Hannibal figures out a way to leave Las Vegas,and expose the person responsible for Christians death.


Arc Advancement


Two young women go to a Bus Stop,and gets onto a Bus.They are driven to a Warehouse where The A-Team is gathered to talk to them.The A-Team sets up their equipment to convince a young woman that they are FBI Agents.




The Show

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

Memorable Moments

Murdock pretending to go psycho on the woman who was with the Professor in a photograph.Giannia Christians body in the Hotel Fountain.Hannibal pretending to be a Hotel Waiter Blackface.Murdock trying to hitch a ride on an Airplane just taking off.


  • Hannibal: You know what they say, black is beautiful.
B.A.: Not on you.