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The All-New Popeye Hour

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The All-New Popeye Hour
Premiere September 9, 1978
Finale November 29, 1980
Based on characters created by
E.C. Segar
Network/Provider CBS
Style 60-minute children's animated comedy
Company Hanna-Barbera Productions,
King Features Syndicate
Seasons 3
Episodes 26
Origin USA

The All-New Popeye Hour is a children's animated comedy that aired on CBS. It was the second series based on Popeye. Each episodes featured various segments, including The Adventures of Popeye, Popeye's Sports Parade, Popeye's Treasure Hunt and Dinky Dog, which was a completely different segment which did not include any Popeye related characters.

Each hour featured three Popeye cartoons (the violence incredibly diluted to offset TV watchdog complaints), and Popeye's Treasure Hunt, which had Popeye and Olive following clues to a treasure each week, with Bluto following them in an attempt to get the treasure for himself. The new feature Dinky Dog were misadventures of a giant sheepdog and the two girls who own him. Also included were pro-social interstititals with Popeye and his nephews. In season two, Treasure Hunt was replaced by Popeye's Sports Parade, which had Popeye competing against Bluto in various events. (Treasure Hunt would be revived in a way in 1985 as Yogi's Treasure Hunt, starring a passel of Hanna-Barbera stars).

In 1981, the show was reduced to a half hour and renamed The Popeye and Olive Comedy Show.

Hanna-Barbera Productions co-produced the series with Popeye licensor King Features Syndicate. Warner Bros. Television is the show's distributor.



Actor Character Duration
Main Cast 1 2 3
Jack Mercer Popeye * * *
Marilyn Schreffler Olive Oyl * * *
Allan Melvin Bluto * * *
Daws Butler Wimpy * * *
Main Cast - Dinky Dog 1 2 3
Frank Welker Dinky Dog * * *
Julie Bennett Monica * * *
Jackie Joseph Sandy * * *


Season  Premiere Finale #
Season One September 9, 1978 1978 13
Season Two 1979 1979 7
Season Three 1980 November 29, 1980 6


DVD Releases

Title Release Discs
Episode Collections  (Region 1)
Dinky Dog: The Complete Series February 19, 2008 purchase 3
Popeye & Friends: Volume One June 17, 2008 purchase 1

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