The Amazing World of Kreskin

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The Amazing World of Kreskin
Amazing World of Kreskin.jpg
Premiere January 17, 1972
Finale 1978
Host Kreskin
Network/Provider CTV
Style 30-minute paranormal/stage magic
Company Bushnell Communications (1972-1975),
Glen-Warren Productions (1975-1978),
Origin Canada

The Amazing World of Kreskin (also billed on-air from 1975 to 1978 simply as The Amazing Kreskin) is a Canadian paranormal/stage magic program that aired on CTV.

Following in the footsteps of earlier TV mentalists and mind-readers, this show featuring American mentalist and host The Amazing Kreskin demonstrated his abilities with ESP. With celebrity guests from the sports and entertainment worlds, Kreskin would choose random people from the audience and guess details about them that he could not possibly have honestly known unless his powers of ESP were genuine. Among the celebrities who made appearances on The Amazing World of Kreskin during its run were Dr. Joyce Brothers, Arlene Dahl, Barbara Feldon, Al Waxman, Cameron Mitchell, Werner Klemperer, Rich Little, James Coco, Judy Carne, Nipsey Russell, Lynn Redgrave, Jo Anne Worley, Patrick Macnee, Robert Horton and Don Harron, with whom Kreskin would demonstrate his abilities (such as making use of thought perception, psychic communication, mind reading, the power of suggestion and various tricks with decks of playing cards) on stage.

The Amazing World of Kreskin was taped for CTV at the studios of CJOH-TV in Ottawa for its first few seasons until 1975, when it switched its taping location to CFTO-TV in Toronto and its name was shortened to The Amazing Kreskin. It was also syndicated in the United States by Viacom Enterprises (now part of CBS Media Ventures) as well as internationally. Following the end of its original run, the show entered daily syndicated reruns in Canada as CTV sold its local broadcast rights to the network's affiliates.




DVD Releases

Title Release Discs
Season Sets  (Region 1 (USA))
Best Moments of the Amazing Kreskin April 3, 2007 purchase 3
Season Sets  (Region 1 (Canada))
Best Moments of the Amazing Kreskin April 3, 2007 purchase 3

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