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The Brady Bunch/Pass the Tabu (2)

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Pass the Tabu (2)
Season 4, Episode 2
Airdate September 29, 1972
Production Number 074
Written by Tam Spiva
Directed by Jack Arnold
Produced by Howard Leeds
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The Tiki Caves (3)
The Brady BunchSeason Four
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Pass the Tabu (2) is the second episode of the fourth season of The Brady Bunch, and the seventy-fourth episode overall.

Starring: Robert Reed (Mike Brady), Florence Henderson (Carol Brady)

and Ann B. Davis (Alice)

Maureen McCormick (Marcia), Eve Plumb (Jan), Susan Olsen (Cindy), Barry Williams (Greg), Christopher Knight (Peter), Mike Lookinland (Bobby)

Additional Cast: David "Lippy" Espinda (Hanalei), Cris Callow (Mandy)

and Patrick Adiarte (David)

Uncredited: Vincent Price (Professor Hubert Whitehead)


Plot Overview

After a quick voiceover recap of episode one, we return to the beach scene where Mike is searching for Greg. Within the first minute, Mike locates Greg and assists him to shore. At this point, Greg realizes he has lost the taboo idol in the ocean. Jan later locates the idol washed ashore. She puts it in her bag where a tarantula soon takes up residence. Unaware, Jan carries the spider back to the hotel. She also returns the idol to Bobby as their island tour guide looks on. He informs them that the idol is bad luck but also tells them that it is an old island legend. The boys ignore the idol's bad reputation, all except Bobby. He says he doesn't want the idol anymore and gives it to Peter. While wearing the idol and lying in bed, Peter opens his eyes to find the tarantula crawling on his chest. Peter then gives the idol to Greg, who talks to an old man about the idol. The man tells them to take the idol back to the sacred burial place of the Island Kings, which is the only way to break the spell. They tell their parents who tell them that it is simply superstition. The boys opt to take the idol back to the burial ground unbeknown to their parents, but they do tell the girls their plan so at least someone knows where they are. They take a bus to the jungle and find the burial ground where they must place the idol on the grave of the First King. They enter a cave and attempt to find the grave. They meet instead with a deranged explorer who captures them and keeps them from going back to their hotel. This cliffhanger ends with the boys being followed into the cave by the deranged explorer (played by Vincent Price).


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