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The Brady Kids

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The Brady Kids
Premiere September 16, 1972
Finale October 6, 1973
Network/Provider ABC
Style 30-minute animated comedy
Company Filmation Associates,
Paramount Television
Seasons 2
Episodes 22
Origin USA

The Brady Kids is an animated comedy that aired on ABC.

The original show's six children voiced their animated counterparts in the first season; however, as the series' name implies, the parents and Alice the housekeeper characters were omitted from the show. At the end of the first season, Filmation asked the kids to continue on their existing contracts for another five episodes in a second season. The kids' original answer was no, prodded on by their agent Harvey Shotz. Filmation threatened to both sue the children over breach of contract, and to continue the show without their voices. Lookinland, Plumb, and Olsen agreed to the extended Filmation contract, while Williams, Knight, and McCormick did not. Williams's and McCormick's voices were replaced by the children of producer Lou Schiemer (Lane and Erika Scheimer, respectively). Knight's voice was replaced by David E. Smith.

The animated series also added some animal characters. Marlon (voiced by Larry Storch) was an intelligent, red, talking mynah bird and also a wizard who used his magic to help the kids out of jams. Marlon was also notable for his method of flight: he spun his tail feathers like a helicopter rotor rather than using his wings, which were instead used as hands, often for grand gestures as he cast spells.

The Bradys' dog from the live-action series, Tiger, was replaced by a dog named Mop Top (also voiced by Storch). There were also twin panda cubs, Ping and Pong (voiced by Jane Webb), named after the game ping-pong. The pandas only spoke in a Chinese-like gibberish.

There were three human characters created for this show: Chuck White (Storch) was a boastful, self-absorbed teenager (about Greg's age) who was not above cheating to get whatever he wanted, Fleetwood (Storch) was his easygoing sidekick and rounding out this trio was Babs (voiced by Webb), a cute redhead who was smitten with Greg. The three of them went to the same school as the Bradys, and Chuck was sometimes central to the plot as an antagonist. The series' pilot was a feature on the ABC Saturday Superstar Movie.



Actor Character Duration
Main Cast 1 2
Barry Williams Greg Brady *
Lane Scheimer *
Maureen McCormick Marcia Brady *
Erika Scheimer *
Christopher Knight Peter Brady *
David E. Smith *
Eve Plumb Jan Brady * *
Mike Lookinland Bobby Brady * *
Susan Olsen Cindy Brady * *
Larry Storch Marlon * *
Jane Webb Ping * *
Pong * *


Season  Premiere Finale #
Season One September 9, 1972 December 30, 1972 17
Season Two September 8, 1973 October 6, 1973 5


DVD Releases

Title Release Discs
Complete Series  (Region 1)
The Complete Animated Series February 16, 2016 purchase 3

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