The Breach: Inside the Impeachment of Bill Clinton

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The Breach: Inside the Impeachment of Bill Clinton
Creator R.J. Cutler &
David K. Israel
Network/Provider History
Style 60-minute political thriller
Company FremantleMedia North America,
A+E Studios
Origin USA

The Breach: Inside the Impeachment of Bill Clinton, based on Peter Baker's bestseller The Breach: Inside the Impeachment and Trial of William Jefferson Clinton, looks at how one of the nation's biggest political scandals unfolded – from the revelation that President Clinton was having an affair with Monica Lewinsky, through the political combat that saw Hillary Clinton, Newt Gingrich, Prosecutor Ken Starr, Congressman Bob Livingston and many others dominating the national headlines.

The series will take viewers inside Republican and Democrat war rooms, revealing the infighting among the President’s advisers, the secret back-channel negotiations between the White House and Congress, Tom DeLay’s strategy to force President Clinton out of office, and the Democrats’ pressure for Clinton to resign.

Originally ordered as a six-part series in September 2017, History announced on April 4, 2018 that they would not go forward with the project in what is claimed to be a creative decision.





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