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The Challengers

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The Challengers
Premiere September 3, 1990
Finale August 31, 1991
Creator Ron Greenburg
Host Dick Clark
Network/Provider Syndication
Style 30-minute game show
Company Ron Greenburg Productions
Dick Clark Productions
Seasons 1
Episodes 253
Origin USA

The Challengers was a game show airing in syndication. It is widely believed to be a retooled version of The Who, What or Where Game (NBC, 1969-74).

Three contestants, each staked to a $200 bankroll, competed. They first competed in a round in which they had to answer questions (all based on current events of the time--the show was taped just days before airdate) rapid-fire style with $100 scored for right answers and $100 deducted for wrong answers. (This was later changed to a toss-up question for control of a category board.)

In the first main game round, the players face a board of six categories, with the leader making first selections, then each player makes a selection of money values presented. Duplicate selections required toss-ups to determine who plays it. Round two doubles the money to be won.

The final round, similar to The Who, What Or Where Game, had the three players making wagers on a final category with three questions. Each question has odds posted based on their difficulty (even money easiest, 3:1 hardest). The top scorer is the winner; all contestants keep what money they won (put on a Citibank debit card).


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