The Who, What or Where Game

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The Who, What or Where Game
Premiere December 29, 1969
Finale January 4, 1974
Creator Ron Greenburg
Network/Provider NBC
Style 30-minute game show
Company Ron Greenburg Productions
Seasons 4
Origin USA

The Who, What or Where Game was a game show airing daytime on NBC.

Three contestants, each staked to a $125 bankroll, competed. A category was shown and odds to the three W's--a Who question, a What question and a Where question--were posted. The easiest question had even odds; the most difficult questions were 3:1 odds. The players chose which question they wanted and how much they wanted to wager on it (up to $50). The contestant with the lowest unmatched selection was first to answer and won the bet multiplied by the odds if correct. Incorrect answers deduct only the wager. If the other contestant chose the same W and wager, the $50 limit was waived and the two players competed in an auction for the question. High bidder won the chance.

In the final part of the game, the three players now may bet any part of their score on a final category and question with the top scorer declared champion.

In 1990, Ron Greenburg would revive this show's format with a few tweaks and air it in syndication as The Challengers.



Person Role Duration
Main Cast
Art James Host 1 2 3 4
Mike Darrow Announcer 1 2 3 4



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