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Basic Information

  • Full Name: The Champions
  • Premiere Date: September 25, 1968
  • Finale Date: April 30, 1969
  • Networks: ITV
  • Airtimes:

International Viewings


The Champions powers are never fully defined but amongst powers displayed in various episodes are:

  • Telepathy - Talking to each other by means of thought
  • Super strength
  • Increased sensory ability, e.g. The ability to see in the dark and super hearing
  • Increased mental agility
  • Increased memory
  • Premonition - the ability to sense danger (primarily when one of the others is in danger)

The fountain seen in The Champions is the Jet d'Eau fountain in Geneva.

The theme, one of the most memorable TV themes ever was written by Tony Hatch, who went on to write the themes for Crossroads and Neighbours.

Awards and Accolades