The Face Is Familiar

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The Face Is Familiar
Premiere May 7, 1966
Finale September 3, 1966
Creator Bob Stewart
Host Jack Whitaker
Network/Provider CBS
Style 30-minute game show
Company Bob Stewart Productions, Filmways Inc.
Seasons 1
Episodes 18
Origin USA

The Face Is Familiar was a summer primetime game show airing on CBS.

Two teams, each of a celebrity team captain and a civilian, buzz in to answer questions. The team answering correctly sees one of nine slides with a portion of a famous person's face. As questions are answered, more slides are open showing portions of the face out of their proper order. To win the game, the team has to identify whose face it is. If all nine slides are open, the team answering last may change two slides.

The winning team vied for $500 in a bonus game. They are shown three slides in rapid motion of eyes, then noses and finally lips. They have to identify which of each facial part belongs to a disclosed celebrity. Each correct guess wins $50; getting all three wins $500.

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