The Felony Squad

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The Felony Squad
Premiere September 12, 1966
Finale January 31, 1969
Creator Richard Murphy
Network ABC
Style 30-minute crime drama
Company 20th Century-Fox Television
Seasons 3
Episodes 73
Origin USA

The Felony Squad is a crime drama that aired on ABC.

The program starred Howard Duff (as Sergeant Sam Stone) and Dennis Cole (as Detective Jim Briggs) as investigators in a major crimes unit. The setting was an unidentified West Coast city. Duff's character was the veteran who was teaching his younger partner the nuances of life in this new facet of police work. Another main character was desk sergeant Dan Briggs (portrayed by Ben Alexander), the father of Cole's character.

Originally entitled, Men Against Evil, the show was set to be a soap opera-type program about a police captain. However, when the concept proved to be unworkable, the project was changed to a standard police drama with three main characters. In addition, following a sponsor's objection about being associated with the word "evil," the show's title was changed.



Actor Character Duration
Main Cast
Howard Duff Det. Sgt. Sam Stone 1 2 3
Ben Alexander Desk Sgt. Dan Briggs 1 2 3
Dennis Cole Det. Jim Briggs 1 2 3
Supporting/Recurring Cast
Frank Maxwell Capt. Nye 1 2 3
Barney Phillips Capt. Franks 2
Robert DoQui Det. Cliff Sims 3


Season Premiere Finale #
Season One September 12, 1966 April 10, 1967 30
Season Two September 11, 1967 March 18, 1968 26
Season Three September 27, 1968 January 31, 1969 17


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