The Magnificent Marble Machine

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The Magnificent Marble Machine
Premiere July 7, 1975
Finale June 11, 1976
Creator Bob Noah
Host Art James
Network/Provider NBC
Style 30-minute game show
Company Merrill Heatter-Bob Quigley Productions
Episodes 223
Origin USA

The Magnificent Marble Machine was a game show airing daytime on NBC. It was created to cash in on pinball machines which were hot at arcades at the time.

Two teams, each of a celebrity and a civilian, competed to ring in and identify names and phrases. They were spotted the number of letters in the name/phrase and a clue (a typical example would be: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ with the clue "Day in court." The correct answer: "Basketball"). Correct answers score a point and five points wins the game.

That team plays a giant pinball machine. With the ball (a huge 25-pound ball) put in motion by the plunger, the team members manipulated the flippers on each side to keep the ball in motion for as long as possible. Tallying 15,000 points with two balls wins the contestant a grand prize.