The Monroes (1966)/Manhunt

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Season 1, Episode 24
Airdate March 1, 1967
Production Number 8124
Written by Arthur Dales
Directed by Robert Douglas
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Teach the Tiger to Purr
The Monroes (1966)Season One

Guest Stars: Robert Lansing (Jonas Prine), Billie Hayes (Mrs. Peabody), J. Martin Wyler (Ray Devery)


Plot Overview

Clayt gets a bad feeling that somebody is watching the cabin. The next day while out hunting, a bolder falls down a hill. Clayt still hopes he's imagining things, but suddenly something happens that lets him know he is not imagining things. Sleeve comes by and announces that Major Mapoy is experiencing problems with cattle rustling. Then, the next morning Clayt is shot in the arm! Clayt's a bit relieved when Sleeve tells him an agent from the cattlemen's association is coming. But when the agent arrives, Clayt is more bothered than ever before!