The Monroes (1966)/Teach the Tiger to Purr

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Teach the Tiger to Purr
Season 1, Episode 25
Airdate March 8, 1967
Production Number 8125
Written by Barbara Chain
Directed by Norman Foster
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The Ghosts of Paradox
The Monroes (1966)Season One

Guest Stars: Ronny Howard (Timothy Prescott), Ann Ayars (Kate Buchner), Carolyn Conwell (Mary Larson), Jody Carter (Em Feeny), Clyde Howdy (Joe Feeny), Rance Howard (Al), Ben Miller (Cowhand), Sofia Marie (Ellie), Kay Ann Kemper (Maudie), Eddie Sallia (Willie), Clint Howard (Jody Larson)


Plot Overview

Kathy is frustrated that the children are not getting a proper education. When Clayt suggests maybe she could borrow some of Major Mapoy's books, she goes to Sleeve to discuss it. Sleeve declares that Major Mapoy would be only too happy to help her out, and before she knows it she is also teaching Major Mapoy's new charge who behaves like a spoiled rotten brat. Also, some of the other children who live in the area show up to be taught, and before Kathy knows it she is a school marm in her own home.