The Moodys/Season One

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Season One
The Moodys
Season Premiere December 4, 2019
Season Finale December 10, 2019
Episode Count 6



Season Two

Season One of The Moodys premiered on December 4, 2019.


Episodes written by Bob Fisher & Rob Greenberg & Tad Quill and directed by Bob Fisher & Rob Greenberg.

# # Title Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating
1 1 Pilot December 4, 2019 2.708M 0.7%
As the extended family gathers for a welcome meal, Dan meets Cora, with whom he instantly clicks. There's only one problem: she's already dating his cousin.
2 2 Episode 102 December 4, 2019 2.708M 0.7%
In an unexpected turn of events, all the Moodys find themselves living under the same roof again when Bridget, who lives in the Chicago area, returns to her childhood home with a suitcase in hand after a fight with her husband.
3 3 Episode 103 December 9, 2019 1.262M 0.3%
Christmas caroling is a Moody tradition that Sean Sr. does not take lightly. However, when an unexpected guest shows up to the Moody house, caroling takes a hilariously embarrassing turn.
4 4 Episode 104 December 9, 2019 1.262M 0.3%
Sean Jr. finally agrees to join Sean Sr.'s Moody Heating and AC business, but trouble ensues when a rival company infringes on their territory. Meanwhile, Bridget finds someone in whom to confide, while Dan struggles with the guilt of being interested in cousin Marco's girlfriend, Cora.
5 5 Episode 105 December 10, 2019 1.797M 0.5%
With Christmas quickly approaching, Sean Sr. receives the top honor as the lector of Midnight Mass.
6 6 Episode 106 December 10, 2019 1.797M 0.5%
When Sean Sr. invites some unexpected guests to Christmas Eve dinner, Ann starts to unravel. And just when the Moodys think things couldn't possibly get worse, they are faced with a devastating challenge. All Ann wanted was a nice, white Christmas! Don't miss a few more surprises.

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