The Moodys/Season Two

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Season Two
The Moodys
Season Premiere April 1, 2021
Season Finale June 20, 2021
Episode Count 8

Season One



Season Two of The Moodys premiered on April 1, 2021.


Episodes written by Bob Fisher & Rob Greenberg & Tad Quill, the first half directed by Jay Karas and the second half directed by Jacob Tierney

# # Title Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating
7 1 Episode 201 April 1, 2021 1.037M 0.25%
Sean Sr. contemplating retirement -- road trips across the country in an RV with Ann, while Sean Jr. takes over the family HVAC business. In reality, however, Ann has no intention of leaving her new psychology practice, and Sean Jr. continues to brew up schemes to get rich quick.
8 2 Episode 202 April 1, 2021 1.037M 0.25%
Bridget, who is in the midst of a divorce, returns home while her fancy new townhouse is being renovated; and Dan leaves Brooklyn for Chicago to live with his girlfriend, Cora, only to realize the relationship is moving too quickly. Once again, the Moodys are all under the same roof.
9 3 Episode 203 April 8, 2021 1.136M 0.27%
After a brief reconciliation, Dan and Cora break up again, sending him back home to his parents' house. Ann then forces Dan into an unwanted therapy session with her friend, Grace. Meanwhile, Sean Sr. proudly sends Sean Jr. out on his first solo job to fix an HVAC unit, which the younger Moody promptly ditches for a new business opportunity with Cousin Marco. Then, Bridget goes rock climbing with her ex-boyfriend from college, Nick, and his new girlfriend.
10 4 Episode 204 April 15, 2021 1.146M 0.25%
Sean Sr. copes with ill feelings after being benched on his hockey team right before the South Side Championship game. Meanwhile, Ann has her first session as a psychologist and the family sees more of her mentor, Grace. Sean and Marco deal with their first business failure together, while Bridget thinks about an awkward moment.
11 5 Episode 205 April 22, 2021 1.311M 0.34%
Sean Sr. struggles with back pain, so Bridget's old friend, Nick, comes around to help. Ann becomes suspicious about Dan's love life, as he makes an important decision. Meanwhile, Marco and Sean Jr.'s business is growing.
12 6 Episode 206 June 6, 2021 547k 0.16%
Ann discovers a secret that Dan and her mentor, Grace, have been hiding, as Sean Moody Sr. attempts to play matchmaker for Bridget. Meanwhile, Sean Jr. and Marcus make their very first sale.
13 7 Episode 207 June 6, 2021 536k 0.14%
Sean Sr. reconsiders his retirement plans, while Ann has second thoughts about her career. Meanwhile, Dan and Cora bump into each other again, Sean Jr. gets serious about his future and Bridget's relationship with Nick gets complicated.
14 8 Episode 208 June 20, 2021 599k 0.2%
The Moody family gathers once again for a wedding when something sudden shocks the entire family. Meanwhile, Sean Jr. and Marco make amends and things turn around for Bridget's love life.

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