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The Mothers-in-Law

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The Mothers-in-Law
Premiere September 10, 1967
Finale April 13, 1969
Creator Bob Carroll, Jr.
Madelyn Davis
Network/Provider NBC
Style 30-minute sitcom
Company Desi Arnaz Productions,
United Artists Television
Distributor United Artists Television (until 1982)
MGM/UA Television (1982-1992)
MGM Television (1992- )
Seasons 2
Episodes 56
Origin USA

The Mothers-in-Law is a sitcom that aired on NBC.

Eve and Herb Hubbard have lived next door to Kaye and Roger Buell for 15 years. Herb is a successful lawyer, while Roger is a television writer who works at home. The Hubbards are very straitlaced, the Buells off-the-wall and fun-loving. Despite their differences, including an age disparity of about twenty years, they are best friends. In spite of their friendship, though, they do tend to get into more than their share of squabbles.

The Buells' son Jerry and the Hubbards' daughter Suzie fall in love while in college, marry, and set up house in the Hubbards' garage apartment. The two sets of parents have different ideas of how their children should live their lives, and the constant meddling of the Mothers-in-Law provides the premise for the series. One of the differences between the two couples is that Kaye allowed Suzie to call her Mother Buell, but Eve wouldn't allow Jerry to call her Mother Hubbard. During the second season, the young couple have a set of fraternal twins, a boy and a girl named Joey and Hildy (from the middle names of Kaye and Eve).



Actor Character Duration
Main Cast 1 2
Eve Arden Eve Hubbard * *
Kaye Ballard Kaye Buell * *
Roger C. Carmel Roger Buell *
Richard Deacon *
Herbert Rudley Herb Hubbard * *
Jerry Fogel Jerry Buell * *
Deborah Walley Suzie Hubbard Buell * *


Season  Premiere Finale #
Season One September 10, 1967 April 28, 1968 30
Season Two September 15, 1968 April 13, 1969 26


DVD Releases

Title Release Discs
Complete Series  (Region 1)
The Complete Series July 27, 2010 purchase 8

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