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The Object Is

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The Object is
Premiere December 30, 1963
Finale March 27, 1964
Creator Wilbur Stark
Host Dick Clark
Network/Provider ABC
Style 30-minute game show
Company The Object Is Inc.
Episodes 65
Origin USA

The Object Is was a game show airing on ABC daytime. It was the first game show hosted by Dick Clark.

A curious hybrid of Password and You Don't Say!, contestants and celebrities communicate names by using regular inanimate objects as clues. In the beginning, three celebrities and three civilian contestants were used. The first celebrity is shown the name and gives a clue to the civilian. If the contestant is right, he/she scores 10 points (each point worth $5). If not, he/she is shown the name and gives a 7-point clue to the celebrity to his/her right. Ensuing names are played down the panel. Any name not guessed after two tries is tossed out an a new name is played.

Later, the show utilized two teams, each of a celebrity and a civilain contestant. Point values started at 10 points, then down to seven, five and three, for each wrong answer or pass. 15 points wins the game and the team vies for cash prizes in listing things associated with an object in 30 seconds. Each acceptable object wins $5.

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