You Don't Say! (1963)

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You Don't Say!
Premiere April 1, 1963
Finale September 26, 1969
Creator Ralph Andrews,
Bill Yaggemann
Host Tom Kennedy
Network NBC
Style 30-minute game show
Company Desilu Productions (1963-67),
Ralph Andrews-Bill Yaggemann Productions in association with Paramount Television (1967-69)
Seasons 6
Episodes 1675
Origin USA

You Don't Say! is a game show that aired on NBC from 1963 to 1969. It originated as a local show on KTLA in Los Angeles and was popular enough to go national.

As host Tom Kennedy points out "It's not what you say that counts, it's what you don't say." Two teams, each of a celebrity and a civilian, try to identify famous names. The person shown the name gives a clue by forming a sentence with the last word left out, and that word sounds like part of the name. The word cannot be spelled like the part of the name. Proper names cannot be used as clues as well. Correct guesses score a point, and three points wins the game.

The winning team goes to the bonus board, where three clues to a famous name is presented. Each clue shows where the missing word is placed in the name phonetically. If the contestants gets the name on the first clue, it is worth $300 in cash. If he/she gets it on the second clue, it is worth $200, and for getting it on three clues, it is worth $100. In 1965, the names and clues for the bonus board were furnished by home viewers, and in 1966, this wrinkle was added: If a player won the game by a 3-0 score and identified the name on the bonus board on the first clue, he/she won a new car. A home viewer submitting a winning bonus board name from a 3-0 score won 100,000 Top Value green stamps (later upped to 1 million green stamps).

During the first season, Tom Kennedy's podium stood between the two teams, and Goodson-Todman charged that the set-up resembled their show Password too much. Faced with a lawsuit, Ralph Andrews acquiesced and had the podium placed to the two teams' right side (viewers' left side).

A nighttime edition ran briefly in 1964. The daytime show was canceled September 26, 1969 along with Personality, Eye Guess and The Match Game in a virtual revamp of NBC's daytime line-up. It was revived for ABC in 1975, where it ran only five months. It returned again, in syndication, in 1978 with Jim Peck hosting.



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Jay Stewart *
John Harlan * * * * * *



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