The Sentinel/Season Four

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Season Four
The Sentinel
The Sentinel-Cast.jpg
Season Premiere February 1, 1999
Season Finale May 24, 1999
Episode Count 8
Notable Episodes 4x08 - The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg

Season Three



Season Four of The Sentinel premiered on February 1, 1999 as a mid-season replacement on UPN.

When The Sentinel wasn't renewed after a heartbreaking cliffhanger as the finale of season three, fans leapt into action. They flooded UPN and Paramount with phone calls, faxes and e-mails. With the actors' contracts about to expire, fans pooled their money to create a media campaign that would force the powers that be to listen. Through the "Save Our Sentinel" campaign, fans sent out press releases across the country and even purchased an ad in the Lifestyle section of USA Today. When the series was finally acknowledged as a mid- season replacement, the fans placed another ad (in The Hollywood Reporter) thanking UPN and Paramount.

As a reaction the Sci-Fi/Fantasy News page of TV GEN printed the following interview with the show's main actor Richard Burgi in September 1998:

"It's like a family up here," Richard Burgi says from The Sentinel's Vancouver set. "I love these people." When the supernatural action series was missing from UPN's fall lineup, "I took it kind of personally at first," he recalls. "I guess any actor would."

Fans took it personally, too, mounting phone, e-mail and postal campaigns to save the show. "I had a feeling something like that might happen," Burgi says. "Our fans are very vociferous and enthusiastic." As a result, The Sentinel is back in production and will air as a UPN midseason replacement. "I think it's a really interesting indication of how networks don't always understand the public's appetites," Burgi says.

What appeals most to Sentinel fans, the actor thinks, is chemistry. "You know, we're in these occasionally implausible situations, but there's such a strong bond among the cast that we can make it work." Costar Garett Maggart had already been cast as anthropologist Blair Sandburg when Burgi read for the show. "And Garett and I just kind of clicked right away," Burgi says. "Whatever we had - chemistry, I guess - it seems to work."


# # Title Airdate
58 1 Sentinel Too (2) February 1, 1999
59 2 Murder 101 February 8, 1999
60 3 Four Point Shot February 15, 1999
61 4 Dead End on Blank Street February 22, 1999
62 5 The Waiting Room March 1, 1999
63 6 The Real Deal May 10, 1999
64 7 Most Wanted May 17, 1999
65 8 The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg May 24, 1999

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