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Homer vs. Dignity
Airdate November 26, 2000
Production Number CABF04
Written by Rob LaZebnik
Directed by Neil Affleck
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The Computer Wore Menace Shoes
The SimpsonsSeason Twelve
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Homer vs. Dignity is the fifth episode of the twelfth season of The Simpsons, and the two-hundred and fifty-third episode overall.

Guest Stars: Leeza Gibbons (Herself), Marcia Wallace (Edna Krabappel), Karl Wiedergott (Various), Pamela Hayden (Milhouse Van Houten), Tress MacNeille (Various)


Plot Overview

The Simpsons are at a Fancy Restaurant celerating Bart getting his first A on his Homework.After Dinner Homer learns that his Credit Card was rejected for lack of funds.The Simpsons attempt at escape from the Restaurant is foiled.To pay for the Dinner,The Family sings without heart,a songs to entertain the Patrons.Homer,and Marge consult a Financial Consultant who gives them little hope at saving for their Retirement.To get some extra income,Homer works up enough nerve(by drinking Beer)to ask Burns for a raise.Burns at the present time becomes joyless.Smithers has takened a leave of absence to act in a Broadway Play.Burns enters the Cafetaria where Homer,Lenny,and Carl are having lunch.Homer approaches Burns to ask for a raise.Burns gives Homer 30 seconds to wow him.Homer attempts to talk about why he should receive a raise,but Burns wants to laugh.Burns shows Homer what he wants.He wants Homer to throw a Pudding Cup at Lenny.At first Homer says 'No'.When Burns offers him four Dollars,Homer complies.Burns then offers Homer eight Dollars to do it again.Homer again complies.Having enjoyed this,Burns makes Homner his Prank Monkey,with the promise of more Money.Homer is so happy that he picks up another Pudding Cup,and hurls it at Carl.Instead of laughing,Burns becomes shocked.In the days following the pranks in the Cafetaria,Homer is paid to humilate himself by doing the following:he buys an old Comic Book from Comic Book Guy,and then eats it in front of him...shocking the Comic Book Guy.He dresses as a Baby in the Men's Room at a Public Place,shocking a Woman who just happens to enter the Restroom because the Ladies Room is being used,the Woman faints.At the Springfield Zoo,Homer is dressed in a Panda Bear Suit to entertain the People there.One of the People is Lisa.An unexpectant event takes place.A Male Panda Bear enters the enclosement,and proceeds to consumate with Homer.Lisa has a bad feeling that something is wrong.Later,after the consulmation is finished,and the Male Panda Bear is asleep,Homer sneaks away,but he gets caught on a fench post.Some Skunks com along,and spray him.His Panda Head comes off,and Lisa comes along.Lisa finally understands.In the past days,Homer has been buying gifts,and paying off Bills.Marge had inquired about it,but all Homer would say is that he is doing some outside work for Burns.Having explained to Lisa what he has been doing,Lisa makes Homer released that humilating himself for money is not worth his Dignity.But this reasoning comes after Homer takes the final payment from Burns,who had been laughing so hard at the Panda incident that he did'nt anything.Homer is not at a lost as to what to do with this ill-gotten cash.Lisa talks Homer into donating the cash to a Supermarket that helps needy children.Homer does just that.The Store Manager is so takened by Homers generosity that he asks Homer to play Santa Claus in the Christmas Parade where all of Springfield will be attending.Homer says 'Yes'.After practicing his HO,HO,HO, with the Family,they proceed to the Parade.During the Parade festivities where Homer as Santa Claus is entertaining the Crowd,Burns appears on his Float with a Skull Symbol,and wearing a Pirate Cap.He offers Homer tons of Money to ruin the Christmas Parade.Homer is torn between all that Money,and doing the right thing.When it looks as though Homer has takened Burn's Money for a mean prank,Lisa is saddened,until Homer shows up at the Sidewalk with the Family.It is Burns who is on the Float tossing out Fish Heads at the Crowd.Some of the Fish Heads hit Lenny who was told by his Doctor that he could take an Eye Patch(that he was told to wear off for five minutes each day).Lenny's timing is bad when he takes off the Eye Patch,because a second,or two later he is hit with some Fish Heads.Burns in the Santa Claus Suit tosses the Fish Heads that he wanted Homer to do.Homer is happy not to have takened Burn's Money,and thanks Lisa for the Gift of Dignity.


Arc Advancement


The Simpson Family at a Restaurant Celebrating Bart's First "A".Bart telling the Family how he came to getting the Grade A,in Flashback.The Springfield Crowd gathering at the Zoo.The Springfield Crowd gathering at the Parade,with the Floats.


Homer,Marge,Bart,Lisa,Maggie,Lenny,Carl,Mr.Burns,Smithers,Leesa Gibbons,and Male Panda Bear.



The Frank Nelsonlike Character appears in this episode.

The Show

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

Bart recalls seeing Mrs. Krabbell,and Principle Skinner about to get it on.

Memorable Moments

The Simpsons singing a Mexican Song to pay for their Dinner.Homer's various pranks.The Woman faints.Homer tossing Pudding Pop Cups at Lenny,and then Carl.Smithers acting in a Play about Malibu dark hair.



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