The Trouble with Tracy

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The Trouble with Tracy
Premiere September 14, 1970
Finale 1971
Based on Easy Aces
Network CTV
Style 30-minute sitcom
Company National General Pictures,
Distributor Warner Bros. Television
Seasons 1
Episodes 130
Origin Canada

The Trouble with Tracy is a Canadian sitcom that aired on CTV.

Based largely on the American radio comedy Easy Aces, the show focuses on a newlywed couple, advertising executive Doug Young and his scatterbrained wife Tracy Young, as they settle into married life in their New York City apartment, with Doug having to deal with both Tracy's ditziness and her family, including his overbearing mother-in-law Mrs. Sherwood and his mooching hippie brother-in-law Paul Sherwood.

Filmed at the studios of CTV flagship station CFTO-TV in Toronto as a stripped five-day-a-week series on a tight budget using scripts from Easy Aces updated to a contemporary setting, The Trouble with Tracy was the first sitcom produced by CTV and is considered one of the worst sitcoms ever produced due to its limited budget (it used inexpensive sets, had to use a laugh track instead of a live audience and had to leave flubbed lines and bloopers in due to being unable to afford retakes), a rushed shooting schedule and the number of episodes produced in its single season, created solely with the purpose of filling the network's schedule with Canadian content as demanded by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission.

The Trouble with Tracy was co-produced by National General Pictures and CTV. Warner Bros. Television owns the show's distribution rights due to its ownership of the National General Pictures catalogue.



Actor Character
Main Cast
Diane Nyland Tracy Young
Steve Weston Doug Young
Supporting/Recurring Cast
Bonnie Brooks Sally Anderson
Franz Russell Paul Sherwood
Sylvia Lennick Mrs. Sherwood
Ben Lennick Tony Marshall
Arch McDonnell Jonathan Norris
Sandra Scott Margaret Norris


Season  Premiere Finale #
Season One September 14, 1970 1971 130


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