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Season 3, Episode 1
Airdate September 15, 1961
Production Number 4802
Written by Montgomery Pittman
Directed by Montgomery Pittman
Produced by Buck Houghton
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The Arrival
The Twilight ZoneSeason Three
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Two is the first episode of the third season of The Twilight Zone, and the sixty-sixth episode overall.

Starring: Elizabeth Montgomery (Woman)

and Charles Bronson (Man)

Uncredited: Rod Serling (Host)


Plot Overview

Opening Narration

This is a jungle, a monument built by nature honoring disuse, commemorating a few years of nature being left to its own devices. But it's another kind of jungle, the kind that comes in the aftermath of man's battles against himself. Hardly an important battle, not a Gettysburg or a Marne or an Iwo Jima. More like one insignificant corner patch in the crazy quilt of combat. But it was enough to end the existence of this little city. It's been five years since a human being walked these streets. This is the first day of the sixth year, as man used to measure time. The time? Perhaps a hundred years from now. Or sooner. Or perhaps it's already happened two million years ago. The place? The signposts are in English so that we may read them more easily, but the place is the Twilight Zone.


A woman in a dirty military uniform roams the streets of a town destroyed by war, looking for food. She finds a large can of chicken in a restaurant and sets to cooking them. Before she can open the container, however, she's interrupted by a man wearing a different uniform—clearly her enemy in the conflict which created the ruins they're now in. She attacks him, hurling a knife and skillet at his head but is knocked out by the man who starts to eat her food. He pauses and wakes her so that she can eat as well.

He speaks to her in English, reasoning that there is no more reason to fight anymore. He suggests that because there are no more governments, boundaries or global causes, there is no more reason to continue the war. At this point, he would prefer human companionship to fighting and attempts to offer piece to the woman. She doesn't understand his language, however, and just stares quizzically. He gives up and walks away to a barbershop.

Despite not understanding the man's language, the woman is intrigued by his generosity and follows him. She watches him shave with some leftover soap and anxiously continues to follow him, down the road to movie theater where they discovered the bleached skeletons of two of their fallen comrades. They arm themselves with their weapons but, after a tense moment, the man lowers his gun and shoulders it. The woman hesitates and does the same, following the man still past a row of shops. They stop at a dress shop where the woman comments, "прекрасный", Russian for "pretty." The man steals the dress from the window, throws it to the woman and bids her to put it on.

She obliges, but finds herself surrounded by propaganda from the man's military. Enraged, she bursts through the door and shoots at the man, who is sitting on the opposite curb. She misses, but he is driven away by her violent act. After a while, the man has changed out of his uniform into clothes he found. He discovers the woman hiding behind a car and demands that she "take her war" elsewhere but relents when she steps out from behind the car, wearing the dress he gave her.

The woman smiles for the first time and the two walk down the road together.

Closing Narration

This has been a love story about two lonely people who found each other in the Twilight Zone.


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