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Paul "Jesus" Rovia
The Walking Dead
Paul "Jesus" Rovia.jpg
Actor Tom Payne
First Appearance 6x10 - The Next World
Last Appearance 9x11 - Bounty
Series Billing Season 6: Guest Star
Season 7 - Season 8: Regular
Season 9: Main
Episode Count 25
Also Appears On Fear the Walking Dead

Paul "Jesus" Rovia, portrayed by Tom Payne, is a main character in the AMC television series The Walking Dead.


Basic Information

Character History

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  • The character's nickname of Jesus is based on his resemblance to the European artistic depiction of the Christian figure of Jesus Christ.
  • In the graphic novels, the character's last name is Monroe. Presumably, it was changed for the series so as not to be confused with Alexandria's Monroe family.
  • For Season 6, Tom Payne wore a fake beard before growing it out for subsequent seasons.