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Season Four
The Walking Dead
Season Premiere October 13, 2013
Season Finale March 30, 2014
Episode Count 16



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Season Five

The Walking Dead season 4 mid-season promotional poster

Season Four of The Walking Dead premiered on October 13, 2013 and consisted of 16 episodes. Melissa McBride (Carol Peletier) and Scott Wilson (Hershel Greene) have been upgraded to series regulars. The fourth season picks up 7-8 months after the events of the third season's finale and sees the remaining survivors build an idyllic, mostly peaceful life inside the heavily barricaded prison that they discovered in the previous season. However, they may now have to deal with the ramifications of a new, non-walker threat on the surviving group.

The third season of the companion series Talking Dead airs immediately after new episodes of the fourth season. The season premiere, "30 Days Without an Accident," became the highest rated scripted program of 2013, surpassing even a post-Superbowl episode of Elementary.


# # Title Written By Directed By Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating
36 1 30 Days Without an Accident Scott M. Gimple Greg Nicotero October 13, 2013 16.11M 8.2%
Several months after the events of the previous season's finale and taking in the remaining Woodbury survivors, Rick renounces his leadership and begins to learn husbandry techniques from Hershel. Attempting to mend his relationship with his son Carl, Rick relinquishes his gun and refuses to carry it with him on trips outside of the prison's gated perimeter. When out on an assignment, Rick encounters Clara, a ramshackle woman who begs Rick to help her and husband with food and shelter. After luring a suspicious Rick to her campsite, he discovers that Clara's husband has been turned into a walker and, failing to kill Rick with his knife, stabs herself in order to join her husband. Meanwhile, Daryl leads a small party into an abandoned convenience store for a supply run and are trapped by walkers falling in through the roof. Zach, Beth's boyfriend, is bitten in the leg and dies. Back at the prison, Patrick becomes ill and dies in the shower room trying to cool himself down, reanimating into a walker.
37 2 Infected Angela Kang Guy Ferland October 20, 2013 13.95M 7.1%
A reanimated Patrick wanders into Cell Block D, turning several residents into walkers. The chaos at Cell Block D is eventually noticed by sunrise, which Rick and the others quickly defuse. Carol starts to amputate the arm of Ryan Samuels when she realizes he has also been bitten in the neck, and instead calls for his children so that they can say goodbye. After the Council hypothesizes that the likely cause is an aggressive flu strain, they start to quarantine everyone who they believe to be infected, including Karen. A discovery that someone has been feeding the walkers with rats is quickly interrupted by a greatly increased number of walkers starting to break down the outer fence of the compound. Rick sacrifices his pigs to lead the walkers away from the fence. As Rick is dismantling his pig pen, Carl tells his father that Carol is secretly teaching the children how to use weapons, and Rick agrees not to tell their parents. Knowing that the situation at the prison is quickly escalating, Rick gives Carl's gun back to him. When Tyreese goes to quarantine to deliver flowers to Karen, he discovers that Karen's body has been burnt.
38 3 Isolation Robert Kirkman Dan Sackheim October 27, 2013 12.92M 6.8%
Tyreese gets into an physical altercation with Rick when he confronts him and Daryl about Karen's death. When the infection spreads to more survivors, including Sasha and Glenn, Hershel mentions a nearby veterinary school to Daryl and Michonne that would still carry antibiotics. Hershel and Carl encounter hurt walkers while outside the fence and Carl decides to shoot one before being discouraged by Hershel. Maggie, still distraught about Glenn's illness, yells at her dad for risking his life entering the quarantine zone and caring for the sick. Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese, and Bob drive to the veterinary school and hear a garbled voice on the radio speaking about "sanctuary." Distracted, Daryl drives into a horde of walkers that immobilizes their car, and the group plans an exit strategy for getting out. Tyreese, still furious about the nature of Karen's death, takes longer to escape from the car, prompting the others to leave without him. After the group escapes into a clearing, they see a wounded Tyreese emerging from the woods. Back at the prison, Rick helps Carol when she is ambushed by a group of walkers whilst outside fixing the water supply. When they both make it back inside the fence, Rick confronts Carol about Karen's death. Carol admits that she killed Karen and David to protect the infection from spreading and that there's nothing she wouldn't do to ensure the safety and survival of the other survivors.
39 4 Indifference Matt Negrete Tricia Brock November 3, 2013 13.3M 6.8%
When Daryl's team comes across an abandoned gas station, they are attacked by a group of walkers while attempting to clear the kudzu blocking the entrance. Tyreese is grabbed by a walker and allows himself to be overtaken by it until Daryl forcibly removes it from Tyreese. They find a working car and make their way to the veterinary school. There, Bob reveals his alcoholism to Daryl and sneakily procures a bottle of alcohol during the search. While escaping, Bob's secret is revealed to the others when his bag accidentally opens up after trying to protect it from walkers. Back at the prison, Rick asks Carol for her help with a supply run. During the run, they encounter a couple named Sam and Ana and agree to take them in after helping with a search of the remaining houses. Later, Rick and Carol find Ana's body being eaten by walkers and Sam fails to show up at their designated return time. When preparing to leave, Carol finally confronts Rick about his refusal to address the deaths of Karen and David. Rick tells Carol that Tyreese will kill her if she returns to the prison, forcing Carol to leave on her own.
40 5 Internment Channing Powell David Boyd November 10, 2013 12.2M 6.2%
When Rick returns to the prison, he tells a distraught Maggie that Carol killed Karen and David and that he told her not to return with him; Maggie reluctantly agrees with Rick's decision. Hershel is aided by Sasha and Glenn in the quarantined cell block, but many of the survivors inevitably succumb to the flu. When the reanimated survivors start to overrun quarantine, Hershel and the others try to fight back but are quickly trapped. Hearing the gunshots, Maggie rushes to find a route into the quarantined cell block and finds Hershel trying to revive Glenn, who is close to death. As that happens, the exterior fence barricade falls to an overproliferation of walkers. Rick and Carl escape into the interior barricade to safely kill the invading walkers. After the attacks subside, the veterinary school group returns to administer medicine to the surviving infected. Later, as Rick and Carl go back to tending their crops, the prison is revealed to be observed by the Governor.
41 6 Live Bait Nichole Beattie Michael Uppendahl November 17, 2013 12M 6%
In a flashback, the Governor discovers that Woodbury has been abandoned by the remaining survivors and decides to burn down the town. Months later, the Governor notices a girl in a window who reminds him of his daughter and finds the Chambler family, who he introduces himself to as Brian Heriot. He tells the Chamblers — sisters Lilly and Tara, their father David, and Lilly's daughter Meghan — about Woodbury's demise. Though initially suspicious, the family starts to warm up to him. When David, who is suffering from stage-4 lung cancer, dies and reanimates, the Governor is forced to kill him in front of his family. After burying David, the Governor prepares to leave but the rest of the family insists on joining him. On their journey, the group encounters a horde of walkers and, while trying to escape, the Governor and Meghan fall into a pit containing walkers that the Governor kills barehanded. As the Governor tries to comfort Meghan, he notices Martinez standing above the pit.
42 7 Dead Weight Curtis Gwinn Jeremy Podeswa November 24, 2013 11.3M 5.7%
Continuing the flashback from the previous episode, the Governor and the Chamblers decide to join the group of survivors led by Martinez. When Martinez invites the Governor to hit a round of golf balls with him from the top of his camper, he confides in the Governor his doubts that he can keep the camp safe by himself. Enraged, The Governor hits him with the golf club and lowers a wounded Martinez down into the walker pit. After the group decides that Martinez's death was an accident, one of Martinez's right-hand men, Pete, declares himself leader of the group. On a supply run with Pete and his brother Mitch, the Governor discovers a camp of survivors and the brothers debate on the best way to deal with the situation: Mitch wants to rob them but Pete insists they leave them alone. On the return trip, the three of them discover that the camp has been ransacked and all the survivors murdered. Deciding on his next move, the Governor kills the more pacifist Pete and forms a deal with Mitch to help him lead the remaining survivors. Later, when Meghan is attacked by a walker that found its way past the camp's defenses, the Governor tells the group about the prison and convinces the group to form a scout team. When scouting the prison, the Governor sees Michonne and Hershel burning walker corpses and ambushes them.
43 8 Too Far Gone Seth Hoffman Ernest Dickerson December 1, 2013 12.1M 6.2%
The Governor captures Michonne and Hershel and uses them as leverage to convince his group that they can take over the prison peacefully. In the prison, Tyreese starts to tell Rick and Daryl about his suspicions of a murderer inside the prison but they are quickly interrupted by an explosion. They see the Governor and his group standing outside the fence barricades with Michonne and Hershel. The Governor demands to speak with Rick and gives Rick's group the opportunity to escape from the prison unscathed. Rick tries to appeal to the Governor by offering co-habitation of both groups, but the Governor rejects the offer and partially decapitates Hershel using Michonne's sword, catalyzing a firefight between the two groups. Hershel and Michonne try to run away, but the Governor finds Hershel and kills him. As this happens, Lilly and Meghan are left behind in a presumably safe area near a river, but Meghan is attacked and bitten by a walker buried in a mud pile. Lilly rushes a dying Meghan to the prison and the Governor shoots her in the head before she can reanimate. The Governor's group continue to rush into the prison, having broken down the prison barricades with the tank. As they enter, the Governor is ambushed by a wounded Rick and the two of them get into a fistfight where the Governor quickly gains an advantage over Rick. The rest of the prison group splits up into groups and some of them escape into the prison bus, but Maggie stays behind to look for Beth. In another part of the prison, Tyreese is trapped by two members of the Governor's group but is helped when Lizzie shoots both of them. Meanwhile, Daryl overcomes a group of attacking walkers and manages to blow up the tank with a grenade before killing a surrendering Mitch. As the Governor is about to kill Rick, Michonne stabs him in the back and the two of them escape. Rick finds Carl killing the remaining walkers and they find Judith's bloodied baby carrier as they retreat from the prison. Distraught, Rick and Carl decide to escape on their own. Lilly finds the heavily wounded Governor alone outside the prison and shoots him in the head.
44 9 After Robert Kirkman Greg Nicotero February 9, 2014 15.76M 8.2%
45 10 Inmates Tricia Brock February 16, 2014 13.34M
46 11 Claimed Julia Ramsay February 23, 2014 13.12M
47 12 Still Seith Mann March 2, 2014 12.61M
48 13 Alone Ernest Dickerson March 9, 2014 12.65M
49 14 The Grove Mike Satrazemis March 16, 2014 12.87M
50 15 Us David S. Goyer March 23, 2014 13.47M
51 16 A Michelle MacLaren March 30, 2014

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