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The X-Files/Fox Mulder

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Special Agent Fox Mulder
The X-Files
The X-Files-Fox Mulder.jpg
Actor David Duchovny
First Appearance 1x01 - Pilot
Last Appearance 11x10 - My Struggle IV
Series Billing Starring
Episode Count 193 + 2 feature films
Notable Episodes 1x01 - Pilot
2x25 - Anasazi
7x11 - Closure
7x22 - Requiem
Also Appears On The Lone Gunmen
The Simpsons

Fox Mulder is a main character in The X-Files. He is played by David Duchovny.


Basic Information

Fox Mulder studied Psychology at Oxford University before joining the FBI Academy. Initially he worked in the violent crimes unit and used his background in psychology to profile serial killers. His sister Samantha was abducted by aliens at the age of 8 and Mulder suspected a government conspiracy was behind this. Initially he worked in the violent crimes unit and used his background in psychology to profile serial killers. Determined to find out the truth surrounding his sisters disappearance he asked to be transferred to the X-Files in 1991. His belief in the paranormal led to him being nicknamed "Spooky".

His superiors in the FBI became wary of his investigations and assigned him a partner, Dana Scully. She was chosen because of her scientific background and was meant to debunk his theories and report back to them on him. After many years of working with Mulder, Dana Scully became less of a sceptic and in the later seasons was a believer in the paranormal and the alien conspiracy.

Mulder's parents were William and Teena Mulder. In "Anasazi", Mulder discovers his father was involved with the Government conspiracy and was forced to allow Samantha to be abducted. William Mulder is killed by Alex Krycek in the episode. His mother committed suicide after suffering from an incurable disease - "Closure"

Mulder is abducted at the end of season seven in "Requiem". He returns, dead in "This Is Not Happening". Scully is able to save him and prevent him from becoming an alien super soldier. After Scully gives birth to a child, William, it is hinted that Mulder is the father. Mulder leaves the FBI and is forced into hiding and only returns for the final two episodes.

Character History

  • 1x01 - Pilot: Agent Scully is assigned to work on the X-Files with Mulder and they begin their first investigation. He tells her the story behind his quest for the truth.
  • 7x11 - Closure (2): Mulder finally learns the truth behind his Sister's disappearance and has to deal with his Mother's death.
  • 7x22 - Requiem: Mulder is abducted
  • 8x14 - This Is Not Happening (1): Mulder is returned dead.

Memorable Moments


  • Middle name is William, which is not only his father's first, but also that of Scully's father's name. The two also named their son William.