To Tell the Truth (1990)

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To Tell the Truth (1990)
Premiere September 3, 1990
Finale May 31, 1991
Creator Bob Stewart
Network/Provider NBC
Style 30-minute game show
Company Mark Goodson Productions
Seasons 1
Episodes 193
Origin USA

To Tell the Truth is a game show that aired on NBC. It was the fourth edition of the show under that name.

Game play remained the same, picking out the real person behind an event or feat from two imposters. This version had a new One-on-One segment at the end. A guest made two claims as to something he/she had done, and the panel questioned that person on each claim. A studio audience member was selected and chose which of those claims was the right one. $500 was awarded for a correct selection.



Person Role Duration
Main Cast
Gordon Elliott Host 1990
Lynn Swann 1990-1991
Alex Trebek 1991
Kitty Carlisle Panelist 1990-1991
Dana Hill Panelist 1990-1991
Orson Bean Panelist 1990-1991
Burton Richardson Announcer 1990-1991
Charlie O'Donnell Announcer 1990-1991



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