Transformers: Armada

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Transformers: Armada
Transformers Armada-Logo.jpg
Premiere August 23, 2002 (USA)
January 10, 2003 (Japan)
Finale December 12, 2003
Network Cartoon Network (US)
TV Tokyo (Japan)
Style 30-minute anime sci-fi action
Company Aeon, Inc.,
Dangun Pictures,
Hangzhou Feilong Donghua,
M.S.J. Musashino-Seisakujo
Seasons 1
Episodes 52
(List of episodes)
Origin Japan / USA

Transformers: Armada is an action anime set in an entirely new Transformers universe.

On the planet of Cybertron, the Autobots (Cybertrons) and Decepticons (Destrons) warred over a race of small transformers named Mini-Cons (Microns), which enhance the power of the larger bretheren. The Mini-Cons fled the planet with the aid of the Autobots, but when their ship was damaged by the opposing forces, they collided with the moon, causing half of the Mini-Cons to become scattered across the planet. A million years later, the story of Transformers: Armada begins.

Although the series was written and produced in Japan, American producers had a great deal of creative input which greatly affected the show. For instance, Hasbro nixed Japanese hopes of setting the series in G1 continuity and forced Unicron into the story. The series was also a victim of rushed production for the west, in that Cartoon Network set an unreasonable production schedule when episodes began to air ahead of the Japanese versions. Because of this rush, Armada is host to unfinished animation and a dub that was hastily produced. However, the unfinished animation was finished for the Japanese episodes.

The series ran for 52 episodes, and has no ties to previous series like Transformers. It is the first in the universe and led to a sequel in Transformers: Energon.



Japanese Voices English Voices Character
Main Cast
Toru Okawa Gary Chalk Optimus Prime
Kiyoyuki Yanada David Kaye Megatron
Kosuke Okano Brent Miller Hot Shot
Ikuya Sawaki Brian Dobson Red Alert
Katsuhisa Hoki Dale Wilson Smokescreen
Keiji Fujiwara Ward Perry Scavenger
Susumu Chiba Scott McNeil Jetfire
Isshin Chiba Brian Drummond Blurr
Nobuyuki Kobushi Sam Vincent Sideswipe
Jin Yamanoi Michael Dobson Starscream
Koji Yusa Alvin Sanders Demolishor
Isshin Chiba Don Brown Cyclonus
Koji Yusa Colin Murdock Thrust
Susumu Chiba Michael Dangerfield Wheeljack
Jin Yamanoi Doug Parker Tidal Wave
Masataka Nakai Kirby Morrow Rad White
Akira Tomisaka Tabitha St. Germain Alexis
Yukie Maeda Matt Hill Carlos Lopez
Tarusuke Shingaki Andrew Francis Billy
Nobuyuki Kobushi Tony Sampson Fred


Season  Premiere Finale #
Cartoon Network
Season One August 23, 2002 December 12, 2003 52


DVD Releases

Title Release Date #
Season Sets
Season 1, Part 1 November 9, 2004 4


Season 1, Part 2 September 26, 2006 4


Episode Collections
Best Battles March 30, 2004 1


Flashbacks March 30, 2004 1


Battle for the Mini-Cons June 22, 2004 1


Power of the Mini-Cons June 22, 2004 1


'Best Of' Collections
Best of the Autobots August 24, 2004 1


Best of the Decepticons August 24, 2004 1


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