Transformers: Energon

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Transformers: Energon
Transformers Energon-Logo.jpg
Premiere January 31, 2004
Finale June 1, 2005
Creator Akira Okeya
Network TV Tokyo (Japan)
Cartoon Network (US)
Style 30-minute anime sci-fi action
Company Aeon, Inc.,
SD Entertainment
Seasons 1
Episodes 52
(List of episodes)
Origin Japan / USA

Transformers: Energon is an action anime set ten years following the final episode of Transformers: Armada.

Ten years after the war of the Mini-Cons and the apparent destruction of Unicron and Megatron, the Earth has entered into a secret alliance with the combined forces of the Autobots and Decepticons. This pact resulted in the construction of several vast Cybertron Cities on Earth and throughout the Sol system in order to mine for Energon, a mineral rich in energy required for the survival of the Transformers. However, evil is slowly beginning to rise again in the darkness of space.

The series, like Armada, was co-produced by American and Japanese companies. Although, the damage done to the series is significantly less, one episode was not dubbed for unknown reasons. Scorponok's Scars apparently will not be dubbed for American audiences as the following episode, Crash Course, was edited in such a way to account for the events of the episode.

The series ended after one 52-episode season broken into 13-episode arcs. It was intended by Hasbro to continue the series with Transformers: Cybertron but the Japanese production studio rebooted the universe instead.



Vocal Artist Character
Main Cast
Ryutaro Okiayu Optimus Prime
Garry Chalk (english voice)
Junichi Endo Galvatron
David Kaye (english voice)
Supporting/Recurring Cast
Kosuke Toriumi Hot Shot
Brent Miller (english voice)


Season  Premiere Finale #
Cartoon Network
Season One January 31, 2004 June 1, 2005 52


DVD Releases

Title Release Date #
Complete Series
The Ultimate Collection December 16, 2008 4


Episode Collections
The Battle for Energon October 12, 2004 1


The Return of Megatron October 12, 2004 1


Omega Supreme February 22, 2005 1


Shockblast Unleashed February 22, 2005 1


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