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Trekkie and Trekker are terms used to refer to fans of the various Star Trek series. Both have different meanings among the varying aspects of Star Trek fandom.


  • An obsessed fan of the Star Trek series. They will stress over internal history, wear elaborate costumes to conventions, and may find it hard to distinguish between fantasy and reality.
  • The more sociable aspect of Star Trek fandom. Trekkies are fans of the show and may attend conventions, but limit their obsession to such areas and are known to have lives outside of Star Trek.
  • Fans of Star Trek: The Original Series, but not the later spinoff series.
  • Any fan of Star Trek.


  • A fan interested in the technical aspects of Star Trek; including ships, technology, and alien biology.
  • Fans of the later-era Star Trek series — Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and Star Trek: Voyager.
  • The unsociable aspect of Star Trek fandom. They often find themselves detached from society at large and emerge as outcasts. The term Trekker is adopted defensively to isolate themselves from "obsessed" Trekkies.
  • Star Trek fans that acknowledge themselves as too cool to be called a Trekkie.