Truth or Consequences

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Truth or Consequences
Premiere September 7, 1950
Finale February 26, 1988
Creator Ralph Edwards
Host see listing
Network/Provider CBS (1950-1954)
NBC (1954-1965)
Syndicated (1966-1974, 1977-1978, 1987-1988)
Style 30-minute game show
Company Ralph Edwards Productions
Origin USA

Truth or Consequences, one of the genre's most famous audience participation shows, was originally a radio series in 1940. It started its television version on New York station WNBT on July 1, 1940.

The show went national on CBS primetime in 1950. Based on the parlor games "Fine and Superfine", "Forfeits" and "Truth Or Dare," the show had contestants selected from the audience, who had to perform or helped participate in outrageous stunts if they failed to answer a question before "Beulah the Buzzer" sounded. On some occasions, the show would stage reunions with loved ones.

Ralph Edwards hosted the first nighttime run on CBS, which ran one season. It returned three years later on NBC with Jack Bailey as host. When it went daytime on New Year's Eve 1956, Edwards introduced a very young Bob Barker as the show's new permanent host, both daytime and nighttime editions. Barker remained host after the show went syndicated in 1966 (a year after leaving NBC), and this edition lasted until 1974. Two other syndicated editions popped up afterwards, in 1977 and 1987. Each version lasted one season.

The show's most lasting impression was visiting the town of Hot Springs, New Mexico for its tenth anniversary. As such, Hot Springs renamed itself Truth or Consequences. It remains as that name today.



Person Duration
Ralph Edwards 1950-1957
Jack Bailey 1954-1956
Bob Barker 1956-1974
Bob Hilton 1977-1978
Larry Anderson 1987-1988


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