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Premiere unaired
Creator Bob and
Sande Stewart
Host Jim Perry
Style 30-minute game show
Company Bob Stewart Productions (Basada Productions)
Episodes Three pilots in 1982
Origin USA

Twisters is a game show piloted in 1982. It is not clear if it was meant for syndication or network airing.

Ten contestants played for a whole week. One contestant was the "King of the Hill" (like on Jackpot!) who is spotted a score of 40 points. Using a lighted shuffleboard, the contestant selects one of the other nine players. That player selects the one of two question openings that will be the tougher to answer. Host Jim Perry completes the question (usually going in another direction than the question's opening would indicate). Correct answers keep the King of the Hill's turn going and deducts the selected player's number from the score. Incorrect answers mean the King of the Hill and the chosen contestant trade places. If the King of the Hill's selection matches the second number of the score (or if the score reaches zero), the contestant comes down and the two play off two questions (this time the easier one) for a $1000 prize split.

If they are successful, the two try for $10,000 by answering ten questions in 60 seconds with Jim Perry starting the question and the King of the Hill finishing it. They rack up $100 for every answer they get.

A car is up for grabs in the main game if the shuffleboard indicator lands on "Car" on the other nine contestats' platform and the King of the Hill gets an answer right.


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There are no DVD releases for this show.

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