Tyrone's Inferno

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Tyrone's Inferno
Premiere Unproduced
Finale Unproduced
Creator Evan Dorkin
Network/Provider Adult Swim
Style 15 minute animated comedy
Company Cartoon Network Studios
Seasons 0
Episodes 0
Origin USA

Tyrone's Inferno is a proposed animated series created by Evan Dorkin. It was also known at one point as Tyrone, Lord of the Undead.

Dorkin revealed the show's premise in an interview about his work on Superman: The Animated Series[1]: "It’s a fifteen-minute pilot, about a demon who’s so obnoxious he gets kicked out of Hell to spend Eternity on Earth. He lives in a trailer park where he plots various revenges or just eats crap and watches TV. It’s sort of Milk and Cheese-like in tone and extreme violence, sort of Little Rascals meets The Young Ones in The Twilight Zone in pitch-speak." The show takes place in the same universe as Dorkin's previous Adult Swim pilot, Welcome to Eltingville.

On February 9, 2007, a year after the contracts for the pilot were signed, the Dorkin announced in his blog that the show had officially been shelved by the network due to a lack of budget. There is still some possibility that the network could return to the series sometime in the future, but until then it only exists as a show bible.

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