Underfist: Halloween Bash

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Underfist: Halloween Bash
Airdate October 12, 2008
Written by
Directed by
Network Cartoon Network
Style 90-minute animation
Company Cartoon Network Studios

Origin USA

Underfist: Halloween Bash is a spin-off of the popular Cartoon Network original series, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. The special features five recurring characters from Billy and Mandy in lead roles, as they form a group to fight evil. Although this was aired as a special on its own, Underfist could have become a series but most of the Billy & Mandy staff had already departed and Cartoon Network opted not to greenlight it.

Cast: Diedrich Bader (Hoss Delgado), Vanessa Marshall (Irwin), Armin Shimerman (General Skarr), Maxwell Atoms (Jeff the Spider), Carl Greenblatt (Fred Fredburger)


Plot Overview

It was Halloween in Endsville and Billy, Mandy, Irwin are trick-or-treating and stop at Dracula's House. Dracula sees Irwin's dracula costume and lectures how Irwin is misinterpreting Dracula's style. They all receive pennies from him and walk away. Billy and Mandy decide to leave while Irwin tries to convince Mandy to stay. Mandy uses her sheer intimidation and scares Irwin away. Irwin goes to Skarr's house to trick or treat. Skarr, in his house looking out the window yelling at Irwin to get off of his prized petunias. Jeff the spider and Fred FredBurger were playing with jelly beans which colors Jeff's web. Losing confidence Irwin then goes to Hoss Delgado's trailer to trick or treat. Hoss is alerted by Irwin's costume and springs into action. Irwin faintly tries to explain that its Halloween leaving Hoss dumbfounded. Across the street Mindy starts to laugh and make fun of him calling him a loser. Irwin takes off his Dracula cape, the camera zooms out to space and credits appear. Mindy yells at Irwin for help. She told him to get her candy from a particular and supposed haunted house. Irwin nervously and slowly walks to the front door and touches the jewel doorknob. A rumbling occurs and the house explodes and behind it is a large vortex to the Underworld. An evil marshmallow bunny named Bun Bun emerges from the vortex releasing hordes of evil chocolate bar men and pumpkin tanks----


Arc Advancement



Irwin: A nerdy African American boy. Irwin is half mummy and half vampire(Although he has human blood from his also nerdy father) He has a desperate and obvious crush on Mandy.

Hoss Delgado: A large masculine spectral exterminator with orange hair and an eye patch over his left eye. He has an enormous grudge against monsters when he was constantly scared by a closet monster when he was a child.

Skarr: An Ex-General from Hector Con Carne's Army. Crazy about his Garden and has a scar on his left eye. He is the more mature one in the entire group.

Jeff the Spider: Billy's Spider son who now serves as the Underfist's Driver and at the beginning of the show befriended Fred Fredburger.

Fred Fredburger: An Annoying green elephant monster, not very bright and says 'Yes' at random times but came up with the name Underfist for the group.



The Show

In the movie, the wishing skull is shown in Grim's lab powering the costume machine. In the credits one of the posters says "Underfist and the Wrath of the Spider Queen", which is a reference to Billy and Mandy Wrath of the Spider Queen.

In the credits of the movie, "Billy & Mandy's Big Boogey Adventure". Hoss Delgado is eating ice cream, but on the wall of the room, there is a poster of the actual "Underfist" poster.

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

During the movie, the main characters wore costumes.

Irwin: Dracula and later Little Bo Peep

Hoss Delgado: Frankenstein's Monster

Fred Fredburger: A Hot Dog

Skarr: Freddie Kruger

Jeff the Spider: Ghost

Memorable Moments

Skarr is mentioned mostly through out the film as the 'One Eyed Weirdo' even by Hoss Delgado who himself is a 'One Eyed Weirdo'

While Hoss Delgado and Skarr were overpowered by a giant chocolate bar with lollipop arms and 3 candy skeletons and Fred Fredburger spelling his name before helping them. A Lion randomly appears out of nowhere and attacks Skarr.

After Hoss, Skarr, Fred and Jeff fought off the first wave of the candy army. Hoss said that property damage was kept to a minimum when the whole neighborhood was almost completely destroyed. Hoss then states that he can finally go home and finish his novel and that he was eating one instead of writing it.


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