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Wacky Races/The Racers and Their Cars

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1 - The Bouldermobile, driven by the Slag Brothers, Rock and Gravel. A rolling rock with what appears to be a sentient being running the engine as it lifts out an arm to club the Slags on the head.

2 - The Creepy Coupe, driven by the Gruesome Twosome. A mobile haunted house of delights.

3 - The Convert-A-Car, driven by Professor Pat Pending. This number can change into any vehicle the situation calls for.

4 - The Crimson Haybailer, driven (or flown) by Red Max. A WWI-era barnstormer; perhaps the inspiration for the following season's Dastardly & Muttley show.

5 - The Compact Pussycat, driven by Penelope Pitstop. A design of mechanical pultritude, not to mention the car. In the Gold Key Comics, Penelope would use her feminine wiles to eliminate Peter Perfect and Red Max by getting them to fight over her.

6 - The Army Surplus Special, driven by Sgt. Blast and Pvt. Meekly. Just the thing to blast through obstacles--superior firepower.

7 - The Bulletproof Bomb (or The Roaring Plenty), driven by the Ant Hill Mob. Seven pint-sized Damon Runyon-esque thugs whose race is usually interrupted by the law on their tails.

8 - The Arkansas Chug-A-Bug, driven by Luke and Blubber Bear. With a boiler for an engine and driver asleep at the wheel, no wonder Blubber's so panic stricken.

9 - The Turbo Terrific (or Varoom Roadster), driven by Peter Perfect. Self-billed as the "perfect mechanic," Peter can never quite keep all the nuts and bolts together on his car.

10 - The Buzzwagon, driven by Rufus Ruffcut and Sawtooth. Only a lumberjack could drive a car made of wood with circular saws for wheels.

00 - The Mean Machine, driven by Dick Dastardly and Muttley. A rocket-powered dynamo with more tricks than Houdini.

Broadcast History

9/14/68 - 9/6/69 CBS Sat., 9:30 AM ET, PT/8:30 CT (preceded by The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Hour; followed by The Archie Show)

9/13/69 - 2/28/70 CBS Sat., 12:30 PM ET, PT/11:30 CT (preceded by The Monkees; followed by The New Adventures of Superman)

3/7/70 - 9/5/70 CBS Sat., 10 AM ET, PT/9 AM CT (preceded by Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machines; followed by Scooby-Doo, Where Are You)