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Wait Till Your Father Gets Home

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Wait Till Your Father Gets Home
Wait Till Your Father Gets Home-Title.jpg
Premiere September 12, 1972
Finale October 8, 1974
Network/Provider syndication
Style 30-minute animated sitcom
Company Hanna-Barbera Productions,
Rhodes Productions
Seasons 2
Episodes 48
Origin USA

Wait Till Your Father Gets Home is an animated sitcom that aired in syndication. It was first piloted as the Love, American Style episode "Love and the Old-Fashioned Father" (aired February 11, 1972).

Harry Boyle is the conservative head of a household populated by his wife Irma and their progressively thinking children--slacker Chet, sexually active Alice and capitalist Jamie (who did not appear in the pilot). His next door neighbor, Ralph, is a conspiracy theorist who thinks the communists are coming to subvert us, so he lines up a grass-roots platoon of neighbors to help thwart the red foe.

The series is by essence an animated All in the Family without the racial overtones. It does contain some mild adult themes, (Harry's suspected infidelity, Alice wanting to wear a see-through blouse), which by today's standards would garnish it a TV-PG rating. However, when Cartoon Network's sister channel Boomerang ran the series late night Sundays, it was branded with a TV-Y7 rating.

Production of the series was affected at Air Programs International in Sydney, Australia, and at Canawest Studios in Vancouver, Canada (where some of The Beatles cartoons were made in 1965).



Actor Character Duration
Main Cast
Tom Bosley Harry Boyle 1 2
Joan Gerber Irma Boyle 1 2
Kristina Holland Alice Boyle 1 2
David Hayward Chet Boyle 1
Lenny Weinrib 2
Jackie Earle Haley Jamie Boyle 1
Willie Aames 2
Jack Burns Ralph Kane 1 2


Season Premiere Finale #
Season One September 12, 1972 February 20, 1973 24
Season Two September 11, 1973 October 8, 1974 24


DVD Releases

Title Release Date #
Season Sets
The Complete First Season June 5, 2007 4


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