What’s This Song?

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What’s This Song?
Premiere October 26, 1964
Finale September 24, 1965
Creator Stuart Phelps
Host Win Martindale
Network NBC
Style 25-minute game show
Company Stuart Phelps-Jack Reeves-Jesse Martin Productions
Seasons 1
Episodes 255
Origin USA

What's This Song? is a game show airing daytime on NBC. It originated on radio in 1939 as What's the Name of This Song? then began a run on Los Angeles TV in 1949, running some ten years. It was revived on Los Angeles TV in February 1964 then was optioned for NBC that October.

Two celebrity-civilian teams competed. A portion of a song is performed. The first team must identify it. If right, they score 20 points then must sing the first two lines of the chorus for 20 more points. (Incorrect guesses deduct 20 points.) if the other team thinks the sung lyrics are incorrect, they may challenge and sing the chorus for 20 points.

First team to 100 points wins and plays the Minute Medley, trying to identify ten songs beginning with a specified letter in one minute, with each correct guess worth $20. Getting all ten wins $200 and a plane trip anywhere in North America. Teams play best two-out-of-three matches.

The show was revived in syndication as Win with the Stars in 1968 with Allen Ludden as host.



Season  Premiere Finale #
Season One October 26, 1964 September 24, 1965 255


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