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The Writers Guild of America is the term used in reference to two separate trade unions, geographically divided as "WGA East" and "WGA West." Collectively, the two unions represent writers in the motion picture, broadcast, cable and new media industries. The unions jointly act as a collective bargaining representative for those writers.

Although the union represents a wide variety of writers in multiple mediums, several outlets are not recognized under the banner of the Writers Guild. Journalists writing for news programs, for instance, are considered to be part of the National Writers Union. Writers with The Daily Show with Jon Stewart were not eligible for membership in WGA East until August 27, 2006, because of this caveat. Meanwhile, reality series script writers are still not recognized because they are credited as "story producers" rather than writers. Although, WGA West has volunteered support for a reality show writer strike.


WGA Awards

Aside from their duties as a labor union, the Writers Guild of America also hosts an annual awards ceremony which honors excellence in the field of writing for film, television and radio. The Writers Guild of America Awards were first established in 1948 and are regularly held in February.


The Writers Guild has gone on strike several times throughout the years. The most notable of the strikes occurred in 1988 and presently in 2007. More information can be found at their respective pages:

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