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Ziv Television Programs

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Ziv Television Programs
ZIV UA.jpg
Founded 1948
Dissolved 1962 (merged into United Artists Television)
Notable Works Sea Hunt
Highway Patrol
The Cisco Kid
Bat Masterson

Ziv Television Programs was an American television production and distribution company.



Ziv was established in 1948 by radio syndicator Frederick Ziv to produce TV programs for direct sale to local TV stations, such as The Cisco Kid, Highway Patrol and Sea Hunt. The company was successful for several years between the late-1940s and the mid-1950s as individual stations sought programming to fill the non-network slots in their schedules during the early years of television.

When the American broadcast networks began expanding their schedules in the mid-1950s, Ziv experienced a decline in the popularity of its syndicated shows and it began producing programs for the networks starting in 1956, with The West Point Story and Bat Masterson among its more notable network shows.

United Artists purchased Ziv in 1960 and merged its operations into United Artists Television, with the merged company becoming known as Ziv-United Artists. The Ziv name was phased out in 1962 and the company name reverted back to UATV, putting an official end to one of the pioneering production and syndication companies of television's early years. The Ziv library is now owned and distributed by MGM Television (except for The Cisco Kid, which is handled by the Peter Rodgers Organization).

List of shows produced by Ziv Television Programs

Title Format Buyer Year(s)
The Cisco Kid Western Syndication 1950–1956
Boston Blackie Crime drama Syndication 1951–1953
Mr. District Attorney Legal drama Syndication 1954–1955
I Led Three Lives Spy drama Syndication 1953–1956
Meet Corliss Archer Sitcom Syndication 1954–1955
Highway Patrol Crime drama Syndication 1955–1959
Science Fiction Theatre Anthology Syndication 1955–1957
The West Point Story Anthology CBS 1956–1957
ABC 1957–1958
Tombstone Territory Western ABC 1957–1959
Syndication 1959–1960
Bat Masterson Western NBC 1958–1961
Produced after 1960 by Ziv-United Artists
Sea Hunt Adventure Syndication 1958–1961
Produced after 1960 by Ziv-United Artists
Mackenzie's Raiders Western Syndication 1958–1959
The Rough Riders Western ABC 1958–1959
Lock-Up Legal drama Syndication 1959–1961
Produced after 1960 by Ziv-United Artists
Men Into Space Science Fiction CBS 1959–1960
Home Run Derby Sports reality Syndication 1959
Klondike Western NBC 1960–1961
Produced after 1960 by Ziv-United Artists
The Aquanauts Adventure CBS 1960–1961
Produced after 1960 by Ziv-United Artists
Ripcord Adventure Syndication 1961–1963
Produced after 1960 by Ziv-United Artists and after 1962 by United Artists Television


  • A similarly-named but otherwise unrelated company, Ziv International, operated in the late-1970s and early-1980s as a distributor of dubbed versions of Japanese anime shows

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