31 Minutos

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31 Minutos
31 minutos logo.jpg
Premiere March 15, 2003
Finale October 2, 2005
Creator Álvaro Díaz and
Pedro Peirano
Network/Provider Televisión Nacional de Chile
Style Half-Hour comedy
Company Aplaplac
Seasons 3
Episodes 57
Origin Chile

31 Minutos (Spanish for 31 Minutes) is a Chilean TV-show which takes the form of a mock news broadcast, and is fronted by puppets who present various items. The program was created by Álvaro Díaz and Pedro Peirano, owner of the Aplaplac producer, and was first shown in March 2003 on the Chilean channel Televisión Nacional de Chile and at their international signal, TV Chile.

The name of the show is a reference to the newsmagazine 60 Minutes, which was the news program of Televisión Nacional de Chile during the eighties, although the aesthetic and format of the show represent a parody of 24 Horas, the current news program of Televisión Nacional de Chile.

31 Minutos has achieved considerable success on Chilean television, captivating adult viewers as much as children. This is reflected in the range and quantity of commercial products spawned by the program, including the releases of CDs of music for each season of the show. In 2004, Nickelodeon started showing 31 Minutos to all Latin America.

Part of the success of the program with the adult public is due to its use of double entendres. The puppets are ironic imitations of famous television personalities and there are many references to incidents or television events which characterised Chile in the 1980s.



Actor Character
Billed Cast
Pedro Peirano Tulio Triviño, additional voices
Álvaro Díaz Juan Carlos Bodoque, additional voices
Rodrigo Salinas Juanín Juan Harry, Mario Hugo, additional voices
Daniel Castro Policarpo Avendaño, Calcetín con Rombos Man, additional voices
Patricio Díaz Guaripolo, additional voices
Alejandra Dueñas Patana Tufillo, additional voices
Supporting/Recurring Cast
Francisco Schultz Maguito, additional voices
Fernando Solís Sr. Manguera
Lorena Penjean additional voices
Karla Strada Carla Rubio


Season  Premiere Finale #
Televisión Nacional de Chile
Season One March 15, 2003 August 8, 2003 21
Season Two March 20, 2004 September 11, 2004 20 + 1
Season Three June 19, 2005 October 2, 2005 15
Feature Film
31 minutos, la película March 27, 2008


DVD Releases

Title Release Date #
Season Sets
La primera temporada completa 2008 4

Individual Episodes
Lo Mejor de 31 Minutos 2003 1

Policarpo Top Top Top Awards 2003 1

Episode Collections
La primera temporada, vol. 1 2007 1

La primera temporada, vol. 2 2007 1

La primera temporada, vol. 3 2007 1

La primera temporada, vol. 4 2007 1

La nota verde de Juan Carlos Bodoque 2008 1