Bing Crosby Productions

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Bing Crosby Productions
Founded 1945
Dissolved 1979
Notable Works Ben Casey
Hogan's Heroes
Vacation Playhouse
The Bing Crosby Show

Bing Crosby Productions (BCP) was an American television and film production company.


Singer/actor Bing Crosby formed his eponymous production company in 1945 to co-produce films with the major Hollywood studios. BCP later branched out into television in the 1950s with its first show, Rebound, which debuted in 1952 on the DuMont network. The studio also produced several variety shows and a sitcom, all titled The Bing Crosby Show, which served as starring vehicles for Crosby.

BCP's two most famous shows debuted in the 1960s. Ben Casey was a medical drama which debuted on ABC in 1961 and ran concurrently with another medical show, the MGM Television-produced Dr. Kildare, during its five-year run, with both shows having a lasting influence on later medical drama series on television. Hogan's Heroes, a sitcom set in a World War II-era German POW camp, aired on CBS from 1965 to 1971 and later gained popularity in both domestic and international syndication.

BCP was purchased in the 1970s by Cox Broadcasting and ceased operations in 1979. The BCP archive is now owned by 2929 Entertainment, with distribution of most of its shows handled by CBS Television Distribution.

List of shows produced by BCP

Title Format Buyer Year(s)
Rebound Anthology DuMont 1952–1953
Crown Theatre with Gloria Swanson Drama Syndication 1954–1955
Ben Casey Medical drama ABC 1961–1966
Vacation Playhouse Anthology CBS 1963–1967
Production was shared by BCP, Four Star Television, Desilu Productions and Universal Television
Breaking Point Drama ABC 1963–1964
The Bing Crosby Show Sitcom ABC 1964–1965
Slattery's People Political drama CBS 1964–1965
Hogan's Heroes Sitcom CBS 1965–1971
Preview Tonight Anthology ABC 1966
Production was shared by BCP, Four Star Television and MGM Television
Beat the Odds Game Shows Syndication 1968–1969
Bright Promise Soap Opera NBC 1969–1972

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