Caprica/There Is Another Sky

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There Is Another Sky
Caprica - There Is Another Sky.png
Season 1, Episode 4
Airdate February 26, 2010
Written by Kath Lingenfelter
Directed by Michael Nankin
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Know Thy Enemy
CapricaSeason One

There Is Another Sky is the fourth episode of the first season of Caprica.

Starring: Eric Stoltz (Dr. Daniel Graystone), Esai Morales (Joseph Adama), Paula Malcomson (Dr. Amanda Graystone), Alessandra Torresani (Zoe Graystone), Sasha Roiz (Sam Adama)

Guest Starring: Luciana Carro (Priyah Magnus)

Guest Starring (end credits): Karen Elizabeth Austin (Ruth), Camille Mitchell (Vesta)

Co-Starring: Sina Najafi (William Adama), Hiro Kanagawa (Cyrus Xander), Genevieve Buechner (Tamara Adama), Julius Chapple (Larry), Richard Harmon (Heracles), AC Peterson (Chiron), Eve Harlow (Byun), Travis Turner (Ashok), Graham Chabot (Big Kid), Thomas Saunders (Jon Parker), Ian A. Wallace (Ferryman), Patti Allan (Tauron Rites Singer), Jim Ralph (Chiron's Bank Guard), Charles Andre (Rail Thin Man), Zolton Crane (Man)


Plot Overview

Tamara seeks help in the V-Club to return to the real world, but only on the condition that she use her inability to derez to help play an intricate and dangerous game. In the real world, Joseph finds out that he has lost control of young William and that the only way to return as a father he must finally put his wife and daughter to rest.

Daniel learns that Graystone Industries is ready to drop him over his decision to forfeit profits on the holoband. In order to keep a stronghold on his company, he introduces a promising technological breakthrough: the Cylon.


Arc Advancement


  • Tamara has been looking to get out long enough for word of her has spread. When she's shot, she doesn't derez. She's used to play a dangerous game in return for help and in the midst of it, she's able to manipulate code. She then learns the real Tamara died in the maglev bombing.
  • Daniel learns the board is considering voting him out of the company. He then offers them the Cylon. Despite a heavy cost, Daniel argues that will be a tireless servant that will never question or deny orders. The profit will come in the demand to anthropomorphise the machine and thus connect to it. His presentation wins him enough votes to avoid getting the boot.


  • Joseph learns Willie has been skipping school, but when he lashes out at Sam, he tells him he's lost his son. Joseph tries to reconnect by taking him fishing in a familiar place, but this only leads to Willie getting in a fight. Seeing no alternative, Sam has a Tauron ritual performed that gives closure by having Joseph and Willie giving coins to a ferryman for safe passage. However, soon after Joseph is approach by Heracles, sent by Tamara, and tells him about her.



The Show

  • There is a subtle change to the Main Title sequence. During the part involving the Cylon production line, in addition to being much brighter, there are a multitude more copies featured in the background and an active copy passes by as it transitions to the Adama section of the sequence.
  • The Adama address is revealed to be 615 Olympic Street, Apt. #3.

Behind the Scenes

  • Genevieve Buechner and Richard Harmon began dating about a week after filming this episode.

Allusions and References

  • The title of this episode share its name with that of a poem by Emily Dickinson.

Memorable Moments


  • Vesta: What are you?
Tamara: I'm awake.